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Working People Standing Together

OCEA's members accomplish many important jobs at County and City government agencies. Their commitment to their work and dedication to the community are being featured in an advertising program in the Orange County Register. The following profiles are printed on Mondays in the Local section.


Connie Schonert

Deputy Probation Officer, Domestic Violence Unit
Orange County Probation Department

Although she carries a gun and has the power to make arrests and send people to prison, that is not the goal for Connie Schonert, a Deputy Probation Officer with the Domestic Violence Unit of the Orange County Probation Department.

Sending someone to prison is literally the last thing she wants to do. It's usually what happens after all else has failed.

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Darci Stumph

Community Services Officer
Orange County Sheriff's Department

If you are illegally parked in Mission Viejo, Darci Stumph may be forced to give you a ticket. That's the part of the job she doesn't like and admittedly tries to avoid.

The part of her job that she loves is an area in which she's well qualified. Stumph is the first and only Community Services Officer in the Orange County Sheriff's Department, and one of only approximately 1,400 worldwide, to earn certification from the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction.

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Julie Reardon

Branch Manager
Orange County Public Libraries

If there is a criticism of Julie Reardon from her coworkers, it might be that she lacks the properly stern "shhhhhh!" of a librarian.

"My staff gives me a bad time because they don't think that I shush enough," said Reardon, who has served as the branch manager at the cozy La Palma Brach Library for the past eight years.

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Kimberly Long

Correctional Registered Nurse
Orange County Jail

Kimberly Long isn't the kind of person who likes to sit around waiting for something to happen. As a result, she's right at home as a correctional registered nurse at the Intake Release Center for those entering Orange County jails, especially when "it's hopping."

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Monique Craven

Deputy Public Guardian II
Orange County Public Guardian

One of life's most difficult challenges is deciding what to do when someone becomes unable to care for himself or herself because of a mental disorder.

It is at this trying time that Monique Craven becomes involved. A Deputy Public Guardian II for Orange County, Craven investigates to see if the affected person is what the law defines as "Gravely Disabled."

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Dea Evans

Information Processing Technician
Orange County Probation

"Clerk" and "typist" are not particularly sexy job titles. "Information Processing Technician" is a little better. And although Dea Evans says self-deprecatingly, "what I do isn't that dynamic," she realizes there is much more to her job than her title indicates.

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Teresa Garcia

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Health Care Agency

Teresa Garcia is a fan of the underdog.

It is what has led her to work with clients and families that struggle daily with issues of homelessness, mental disease and substance abuse. And it drives her union involvement with the Orange County Employees Association.

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Alex Vecchio

Environmental Health Specialist
Health Care Agency

If you don't like the way your steak was cooked, you can speak to the chef. If your concerns about a restaurant are more serious, that's where Alex Vecchio comes in. Maybe you're worried about how the food was handled, prepared or stored, or find something in your food that shouldn't be there. Vecchio is among the 54 environmental health specialists with the Orange County Health Agency you can contact.

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Angelo Lugo

Network Engineer
Health Care Agency

In his first week as an information technology employee for Orange County's Health Care Agency, Angelo Lugo knew he was in the right place.

Lugo was visiting a physical therapy site and watched workers with a child struggling to make simple movements. Although Lugo couldn't physically help the child, he realized he could help provide it with a shot at a better life.

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Bea De La Torre

Facilities Maintenance Shop Planner
John Wayne Airport

When a customer at John Wayne Airport picks up a white courtesy telephone with a complaint or suggestion, there's a good chance Bea De La Torre will end up on the line. De La Torre, one of four facility maintenance shop planners at JWA's service desk, is like a one-person white phone for all things airport related, particularly if it has to do with maintenance or service. From passengers to contractors to tenants, from personnel to maintenance to security, all issues flow through the service desk where De La Torre is stationed.

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Bill Daher

Forensic Scientist III
Orange County Sheriff's Department

He doesn't carry a gun or badge, but, from the sterile aisles of a Santa Ana science lab, forensic scientist Bill Daher protects residents throughout Orange County.

Armed with test tubes and a lab coat, Daher, who joined the Orange County Sheriff's Department Crime Lab in 1988, uses his expertise in toxicology, pharmacology, chimstry and biology to examine DNA, drugs and more for law enforcement agencies throughout the county.

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Michael Manchester

Senior Social Worker
Orange County Social Services

Michael Manchesters knows what a neglected child looks like.

"Coming to school in dirty clothes, not showering, acting very hungry, withdrawn or angry. These are some of the danger signs of abuse and neglect."

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Tony Sanchez

Welfare Fraud Investigator
Orange County District Attorney's Office

When Orange County families are hit with a job loss or catastrophic illness, public assistance programs provide a safety net so they can get back on their feet.

But what happens when people abuse programs such as food stamps, welfare or public housing assitance?

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Adele Tagaloa

Polling Place Lead
Orange County Registrar of Voters

When Adele Tagaloa found out that her teenage son with special needs was locked out of their house, she wanted to rush home to help but she had to solve the problem from her cell phone.

It was Nov. 4 – Election Day – and she had a vital job to do.

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Dr. Eleni Hailemariam

Geriatric Psychiatrist
Orange County Health Care Agency

Dr. Eleni Hailemariam knows what depression looks like in older people, and how its grasp can threaten their lives.

"You see signs of neglect," said Hailemariam, the Associate Medical Director of Adult Mental Health Services-Older Adult Serivces at the Orange County Health Care Agency. "Their house in unkempt. They're not taking care of themselves. Even the basic necessitites are not met. That is when we get involved."

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Sean Sargeant

Deputy Probation Officer
Orange County Probation Department

Sean Sargeant met the ailing veteran last year at Orange County Stand Down, an annual event he helps coordinate that assists veterans in need with counseling, medical care and other assistance.

The man was in really bad shape. He had open sores on his hands and arms. He needed a shave and a shower and some medical care.

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Pam Douglas and Larry Pritchett

Public Health Nurses
Health Care Agency

Pam Douglas and Larry Pritchett are public health nurses—the only two in Orange County charged with caring for a growing and diverse homeless population..

Their office space is more often a street corner than a sterile examination room. They lug files in the trunks of their cars between homeless encampments, motels, beaches and the county's Hall of Administration—the center of a community of families, people with mental illness and struggling veterans..

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Kerensa Schupmann

Senior Social Worker
Social Services Agency

By the time Kerensa Schupmann is called to intervene in a boy's or girl's life, the police are likely involved and sometimes the child has already been removed from the home.

The 29-year-old social worker investigates cases of child abuse and neglect, sorting through messy and complicated details of families in crisis to decide how to protect Orange County's most vulnerable people: our kids.

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Dan Beam

Sheriff's Special Officer
Orange County Sheriff's Department

He had only a precious few minutes to save the man’s life. But Dan Beam, a Sheriff’s Special Officer at John Wayne Airport, knew exactly what to do.

"I was working traffic that night. I went from shooing cars away from the curb to doing CPR," recalled Beam, 52, who works as part of the airport police services division of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, which secures the three terminals at the county’s international airport in Santa Ana.

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