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Veterinarian Care

United Pet Care

Company LogoGuaranteed Savings on Every Veterinary Visit!

OCEA Members have a special rate of $11.99/pet/month or less.

Save 20-50% off every visit to the veterinarian – GUARANTEED! United Pet Care (UPC) offers pet owners a unique veterinary savings program! Pet-owners save 20% - 50% on office visits, exams, vaccines, and all procedures (both WELL and SICK care) and medication! Choose from an excellent selection of participating veterinarians at convenient locations.

United Pet Care is NOT pet insurance. ALL PETS ARE ELIGIBLE. There are no deductibles, no claim forms, no exclusions due to pre-existing conditions or age, no annual dollar limitations, no waiting periods, and no limit on the number of visits annually. You may enroll regardless of your pet’s age or medical condition at no additional cost.

About United Pet Care

United Pet Care (UPC), founded in Arizona in early 1996, offers a pet healthcare program that includes preventative, diagnostic, surgical, emergency, and special areas of care. In-office medications are also included in the UPC program. As concerned pet owners, we realize that healthcare programs for pets are fast becoming a necessity in today's economic environment. Our goal is to provide a program that allows pet owners to receive the best care possible for their pet, without straining their budget.

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Website: http://ocea.unitedpetcare.com