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OCEA Member News

Members only: Tell us what you think
We want to hear from you about what kinds of seminars you would like to see presented at OCEA or at your work site. Date: 1/25/2017

Civic Center Safety Update
As many of you learned yesterday via various alert systems now in place, a man visiting the Orange County Courthouse yesterday was robbed at knifepoint by a transient member of the Civic Center homeless population. Date: 1/19/2017

PSU welcomes new Executive Committee leaders, members
Members of the Probations Services Unit hold elections every two years to choose who will serve on the Executive Committee. Date: 1/6/2017

Remember the unsung heroes this holiday season
This holiday season, I am reminded how the work each of you do each day enables so many families throughout our communities to enjoy a safe and healthy time with family and friends. Date: 12/23/2016

Do you know a veteran overseas?
We have care packages available to send out free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Date: 12/16/2016

Announcing new PSU executive committee
Every two years, Probation Services Unit (PSU) members hold an election to determine who among them will serve on the Executive Committee. Every PSU member is eligible to run for a seat on the 10-member committee divided evenly between Field and Institution units. Date: 12/9/2016

Concerns regarding HCA Annual Compliance Training
Several OCEA members have contacted us regarding the Health Care Agency’s most recent Annual Compliance Training. Date: 12/2/2016

This Election
Another election has come and gone. Date: 11/14/2016

OCEA Voter Guide 2016
The Nov. 8, 2016 election is right around the corner, and ballots are already arriving for those who vote by mail. Date: 10/12/2016

OCERS election news is good for working families
In a huge win for working families, two candidates unanimously endorsed by OCEA for the Orange County Employees Retirement System Board of Retirement will begin their new terms in January, 2017. Date: 10/12/2016

HCA town hall meeting on new homeless shelter—recap
This past Tuesday, dozens of OCEA members attended an HCA town hall meeting regarding the potential impact of the transitional center on the safety and security of OCEA members working in close proximity to the center. Date: 10/6/2016

Changes in the Civic Center
As you know, we have been advocating aggressively to improve the conditions too many of us face each day when coming to work at the Civic Center. Date: 9/7/2016

County files motion to dissolve SSO concealed carry injunction
This is just another example of this Sheriff's apparent determination to dishonor the decades of service by SSOs to their department, the County and the public. Date: 8/24/2016

IT “soft hiring freeze”
According to the County, the soft freeze will require that requests from departments to fill any County IT position be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Date: 8/23/2016

Public Health Nurse Meeting—August 30

Noon–1 p.m.

Date: 8/23/2016

Attention sworn County peace officers!
The Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) is holding its regional meeting this Saturday, August 20 in Huntington Beach. Date: 8/15/2016

Healthy Steps must be completed by Aug. 22— THIS WEEK!

If you do not participate, your health care premiums will increase significantly.

Date: 8/15/2016

Poll results: “OCEA Members Only” seminars go on the road
The results are in! When we asked you if you wanted OCEA’s “Members Only” seminars brought closer to where you work—you overwhelmingly voted “Yes.” Date: 8/9/2016

Town Hall meetings at Eckhoff tomorrow
Today, the Board of Supervisors approved a legal settlement with a group County workers who worked at 840 N. Eckhoff Street in Orange. Date: 8/9/2016

Nurse Forum Recap and Vote on Permanent Day/Time!
Most of us are naturally inclined to want to help others, and the crooks who operate charity scams know that. Date: 8/5/2016

Video: Civic Center Safety Update
Last night, a news story highlighting some of our ongoing concerns appeared on Channel 7, and you can watch the coverage here. Date: 8/5/2016

Run for the OCEA Board of Directors
OCEA members have until 5 p.m. Sept. 13 to apply for a seat on the OCEA Board of Directors Date: 8/1/2016

Watching out for charity scams
Most of us are naturally inclined to want to help others, and the crooks who operate charity scams know that. Date: 7/27/2016

Next safety committee meeting
Standing together, we have made incredible progress to protect your safety and security on the job. Date: 7/22/2016

Member poll: Do you want us to bring OCEA Members Only seminars to you?
As you know, one of the benefits of your membership at OCEA includes free attendance at “Members Only” seminars, where we provide education on a host of different topics to support you and your family. Date: 7/21/2016

Civic Center Safety Update: July 19, 2016
We want to update you on our ongoing efforts to address dangerous working conditions in the Civic Center. Date: 7/19/2016

Nurses Forum Reminder—Wednesday, July 20 at 5:30 p.m.
Just a friendly reminder of our monthly Nurses Forum meeting. Date: 7/19/2016

Civic Center faces potential health crisis
Just after the holiday weekend, on July 5, we assembled a contingent of executives from the County and Courts to review the conditions so many of you and members of the general public continue to face each day. Date: 7/8/2016

Keep Us Safe Buttons on the way
As many of you know, there is an Orangewood Safety Committee Meeting scheduled for tomorrow, and it’s critical your concerns about workplace safety at Orangewood stay front-and-center with management. Date: 7/5/2016

Happy 4th of July!
As we get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, I want to wish you and your families a relaxing and happy holiday weekend. Date: 6/30/2016

IT Workers receive some hardware for their software
This is an updated congratulations to OCEA’s County Procurement Office members and IT workers for winning the “Golden Hub of Innovation” award presented by the Association of California Cities—Orange County earlier this month. Date: 6/27/2016

Happy Father’s day to OCEA Dads!
Father's Day is next Sunday, June 19. Date: 6/17/2016

Keep Us Safe at Orangewood Update
Our Orangewood working group is off to a good start with the attendance last Thursday of Gary Taylor, SSA Children and Family Services Director. Date: 6/14/2016

Why OC IT workers are the best!
I wanted to take a moment to highlight some exceptional work by your fellow OCEA members. Date: 6/14/2016

Sign the caseload petition
We have heard from so many social workers about the impact of high caseloads, both on your working conditions and on the protections and care you provide to support children and other vulnerable populations served by SSA. Date: 6/9/2016

Responding to Civic Center safety concerns
I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your thoughtful and specific responses to the email last week about safety conditions in the Civic Center area. We are compiling the feedback and already discussed some specific issues brought forth in the email with the County. Date: 6/6/2016

Staywell Biometric Screenings at OCEA
You may have received a notification from the County that its Healthy Steps wellness program started again on June 1. Date: 6/6/2016

OCEA Members at Auditor-Controller Stand Together
Thank you to those who attended our recent OCEA site visit. I really appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to share your concerns and discuss issues with me. Date: 6/3/2016

How we honor our heroes
Today is Memorial Day, an opportunity for us to collectively remember the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and for our great nation. Date: 5/30/2016

Orangewood SSA Workers Speak Out
It took a lot of courage to stand up and tell your story in front of a room full of colleagues not to mention management. Date: 5/26/2016

Requesting your input on Civic Center Safety
Yesterday, County workers in the Civic Center area narrowly survived another serious safety threat. Date: 5/26/2016

OCEA members stand together with Dunn, Sanchez
It is an honor as OCEA President to announce OCEA's endorsement of two candidates for federal office that best represent the values, goals and interests of OCEA members: Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez for U.S. Senator, and former State Senator Joe Dunn for Congress in the 46th District Congressional seat vacated by Congresswoman Sanchez. Date: 5/23/2016

HCA workers are the solution
As many of you know, Supervisor Andrew Do and Chairwoman Lisa Bartlett have formed an ad hoc committee that is tasked with looking at the County Mental Health System. Date: 5/20/2016

Happy Mother’s Day from OCEA
So many OCEA members are mothers—women who juggle responsibilities serving our community at work, coupled with the job of raising children at home. Date: 5/6/2016

Civic Center Safety and Renovation
As you know, over the past few years OCEA has diligently monitored and advocated for enhanced workplace safety in all county facilities, particularly those within the Civic Center area. Date: 4/25/2016

SSA Site Visits
Just a reminder that site visits are coming up at various SSA locations. Date: 4/22/2016

Update: Assessor’s Office site visit
Thank you to those who attended the Assessor's Office site visit Wednesday. Date: 4/21/2016

Last Saturday's SSO Meeting
I just want to thank those of you who devoted your Saturday morning this past weekend to meet with your fellow SSOs for a litigation update. Date: 4/18/2016

Nurse’s Forum is Wednesday and you are invited!
This week's OCEA Nurses Forum is going to be packed with important information about your work, and we want you to be there! Date: 4/18/2016

Introducing the newest member of our OCEA Team: Ling Esangga
Today, we got a great look at what solidarity looks like. Date: 4/15/2016

Unions stand together at OC Santitation District
Today, we got a great look at what solidarity looks like. Date: 4/14/2016

SSO Membership meeting—April 16

April 16

Date: 4/12/2016

DJCO IIs & SR DJCOs: Deployment
As you may know, management has said the list of rebid shifts will be available tomorrow. Date: 4/4/2016

SCOPO—Jim Frayne Scholarship
Each year, SCOPO awards a $1,000 scholarship for one of its members in order to assist either a child or grandchild for an active or retired SCOPO member. Date: 3/31/2016

Social Workers: It’s time to be heard
It’s great that the County is recognizing your efforts but the month has now passed us by. What about the rest of the year? Date: 3/31/2016

OCEA stewards stand together against faulty animal care privatization plan
Yesterday was another example of how standing together, we can make a difference. Date: 3/23/2016

2016 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship applications
We are pleased to announce there will be three $2,000 college scholarships offered from the 2016 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship program. Date: 3/2/2016

Update: Health officials say no outbreak in the Civic Center
The County's Public Health Officer has determined there is no indication of an outbreak. Date: 1/27/2016

Alert: Staph infection outbreak in Civic Center
Late last night, we learned about a potential staph infection outbreak in the Civic Center area. Date: 1/27/2016

Do you know a veteran overseas?
In the three years since California Labor launched the Veterans + Labor initiative, we have held three successful Veterans Day events, cleaned the USS Iowa battleship, and raised tons of food for military families in need. Date: 1/8/2016

All ten OCEA Board members re-elected
On Christmas Eve, all of us at OCEA want to take a moment to wish all of you and your families a happy holiday season. Date: 1/6/2016

Happy Holidays!
On Christmas Eve, all of us at OCEA want to take a moment to wish all of you and your families a happy holiday season. Date: 12/24/2015

We did it! Board votes unanimously to approve contract
Today the Orange County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to approve our tentative agreement with the county for a three-year contract that provides raises and no takeaways. Date: 12/23/2015

OCEA General Membership meeting today
We will be holding two general membership meetings today at OCEA to discuss and answer questions about our tentative agreement with the County. Date: 12/21/2015

Tentative agreement reached with County!
WE DID IT! After months of negotiations, OCEA and the County have arrived at a tentative agreement on the terms and conditions of a three-year contract. Date: 12/16/2015

County safety update in wake of San Bernardino
Last week's tragedy in San Bernardino has hit too close to home for too many of us. Date: 12/8/2015

Veterans Day Recap
OCEA had another wildly successful Veterans Day event and it wouldn't have happened without the support of members like you and OCEA's Board of Directors. Your commitment to providing a special event for the men and women of our community who served their country is inspiring. Date: 11/13/2015

BARGAINING 101: 2015 Update

Thursday Oct. 29 at Noon

Date: 10/20/2015

Governor signs OCEA bill!!!
Last year, the Orange County Board of Supervisors passed a program designed to give them an unfair advantage at the bargaining table and undermine our rights, and we stood together and fought back. Date: 10/9/2015

Negotiations Update October 7, 2015
Today your bargaining team met to prepare for another round of negotiations with the County, which was scheduled for this afternoon. Date: 10/7/2015

Peace Officers Bill of Rights POBR Training
Peace Officers Bill of Rights POBR Training
Date: 9/21/2015

Big Labor Day Event at OC Fair & Event Center
Join OCEA and workers across Orange County as we celebrate Labor Day at the Orange County Fairgrounds THIS MONDAY, Sept. 7, at 10 a.m. at the OC Fair & Event Center, 88 Fair Drive in Costa Mesa. Date: 9/3/2015

SAVE THE DATE: 2015 OCEA Health Fair and Farmers Market returns Sept. 22!
OCEA's annual Health Fair, presented by the OCEA Health & Welfare Trust, will return from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, in the parking lot in front of OCEA. Date: 8/31/2015

You're invited!

Celebrate the distinguished career of former OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino.

Date: 8/27/2015

Healthy Steps Update: Extension Available
The Aug. 21 deadline is approaching for County employees to complete the County’s Healthy Steps program, which requires employees to complete a three-step screening process or face a dramatic increase in their health insurance premiums. Date: 8/20/2015

OCEA Presents: Make the Most of Your Retirement—Aug. 25
9–11 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015 Date: 8/18/2015

IMPORTANT: Signing This Petition is Hazardous to Your Pension. Don’t Do It.
We want to make sure you are aware of a new petition for a ballot initiative soon to be circulated at a supermarket near you. It’s called the Voters Empowerment Act, but it’s really an attack on hard working men and women who have earned a pension. Date: 8/14/2015

Healthy Steps Update: July 23, 2015
Time is running out. If you do not complete the County’s three-step Healthy Steps wellness program by Aug. 21, your health insurance premiums could increase hundreds of dollars annually Date: 7/23/2015

OCEA Presents: Wills and Trusts

Noon–1 p.m., Thursday July 23, 2015

Date: 7/14/2015

Negotiations Update: July 13, 2015
We concluded our third bargaining session with County negotiators Friday in an attempt to agree on ground rules for our upcoming labor negotiations. Date: 7/13/2015

You're invited! — Park Ranger Membership Meeting
5:30–7:30 p.m.. Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Date: 7/13/2015

OCEA Nurse Forum—July 15, 2015
7 p.m.. Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Date: 7/8/2015

Negotiations update: June 29, 2015
Last Friday, your bargaining team met with the County to discuss ground rules in an effort to begin bargaining for a successor contract as soon as possible Date: 6/29/2015

Xerox contract update
This morning at 7:30 am, the Orange County Board of Supervisors met in special session to discuss the contract for IT services provided by Xerox Date: 6/29/2015

OCEA fights back: County to appeal COIN ruling, impose punitive wellness program
Yesterday the Board of Supervisors met and discussed the Proposed Decision from PERB regarding COIN, OCEA negotiations, and the same punitive health care program they forced employees to participate in last year, which they call Healthy Steps. Date: 6/24/2015

OCEA Presents: Pre-Retirement
Noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, June 25, 2015 Date: 6/22/2015

Nurses Forum Recap
7 p.m.. Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Date: 6/19/2015

COIN ruled unlawful, we are ready to begin negotiations
In a victory for the working people of Orange County, yesterday the Public Employees Relations Board’s (PERB) Chief Administrative Law Judge issued a Proposed Decision finding that the adoption by the County of significant portions its COIN (Civic Openness in Negotiations) Ordinance violated both the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (MMBA) and PERB Regulations. Date: 6/17/2015

You're invited! — OCEA Nurse Forum
7 p.m.. Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Date: 6/16/2015

FREE Paper shred & eWaste day at OCEA
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, June 18, 2015 Date: 6/11/2015

OCEA Nurses Stand-up!
On Wednesday June 17th at 7 p.m. we will be holding our next Nurse Meeting. Date: 6/4/2015

Negotiations update: Word from PERB
I am happy to report some good news coming out of Sacramento that may help clear the smoke that has been blown our way by Orange County supervisors past and present Date: 6/3/2015

Negotiations Update - OCEA Pushes Back!
I am happy to report some good news coming out of Sacramento that may help clear the smoke that has been blown our way by Orange County supervisors past and present Date: 5/28/2015

RSVP now for OCEA Probation Meet & Greet
OCEA Probation will host a meet & greet. Date: 5/22/2015

RSVP now for May 28 event—OCEA Presents: Home Buyer Orientation 101
OCEA will host Home Buyer Orientation 101, presented by OC Housing Opportunities Collaborative, from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, May 28. Date: 5/21/2015

Reminder - OC Nurse Open House - May 20th at 3 p.m.
Just a friendly reminder of our “Open House” at 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Date: 5/15/2015

You're invited
All OCEA Nurses are invited to our Open House for Nurses on May 20th from 3–5 p.m. at OCEA. Date: 5/12/2015

OCEA Media Brief: May 8, 2015
Over the decades, as a union guy – often the union guy – Berardino helped get county employees a strong retirement plan, saved hundreds of their jobs (particularly during the county’s bankruptcy in 1994) and helped fight off attempts by Costa Mesa to outsource jobs. Date: 5/8/2015

New County CEO announced

The Board of Supervisors announced today that Frank Kim will be the new CEO of the County.

Date: 5/5/2015

Important Negotiations Information!

Join OCEA Assistant General Manager Jennifer Muir and OCEA staff for an overview of the process and strategy that go into MOU negotiations with the County for 2015.

Date: 4/17/2015

2015 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship applications
We are pleased to announce there will be three $2,000 college scholarships offered from the 2015 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship program Date: 4/15/2015

OCEA Nurse Membership Meeting – Wednesday, April 22

OCEA staff and bargaining team members will be discussing negotiations and other union news.

Date: 4/15/2015

Governor reappoints Nick Berardino to OC Fair Board
This is a huge acknowledgement of his success and is another example of OCEA’s prominence on a statewide level. Date: 4/10/2015

OCEA in the OC Register: O.C. feels danger of IT contracting
Today in the OC Register OCEA Assistant General Manager Jennifer Muir has an article that outlines the dangers of Orange County's failed outsourcing scheme. Date: 4/10/2015

An important message about YOU
A number of news stories about OCEA appeared in local publications this week that really reflect on the strength and power all of YOU created by being part of OCEA. The history that led our organization to this point is pretty incredible, made possible by sacrifices from countless employees who stood up for something greater than themselves, volunteered their time and efforts so that their coworkers and their families could have a better life. For 75 years, OCEA members have built this organization brick by brick. Date: 4/3/2015

Public Works Membership Meeting
Meet your OCEA representatives and provide input for negotiations and LMC committee...
Date: 3/31/2015

A note from the OCEA Board of Directors about our future
OCEA is not just another labor union. We are an acknowledged leader among labor unions in California. To maintain that position, we need an accomplished leader. Date: 3/20/2015

A Note of Appreciation and Looking to the Future
The OCEA Board of Directors and I have also been engaged in a long and thorough process to find the right person to continue leading OCEA into the future. We engaged in a national search and reviewed resumes from across the country. After an exhaustive process, the Board selected a candidate who I truly trust and believe is now and will continue to be the strong and committed leader OCEA needs to weather the challenges ahead and build momentum and power for the future. Date: 3/18/2015

Did you work any hours on Thanksgiving or Christmas 2014?
It has come to OCEA’s attention that some employees who worked on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Day did not receive one and one-half (1 1/2) times their hourly rate for the number of hours actually worked and/or they did not bank holiday compensatory time. OCEA wants to ensure that if you worked either or both Thanksgiving or Christmas in 2014, the County properly compensates you. Date: 3/4/2015

OCEA Presents: Holistic Lifestyle Day
OCEA will host a Holistic Lifestyle Day, presented by the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, March 12, at OCEA Headquarters, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana. Date: 3/4/2015

2015 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship applications
We are pleased to announce there will be three $2,000 college scholarships offered from the 2015 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship program Date: 2/27/2015

OCEA Presents: Income Tax 101
Learn about filing a tax return; identity theft; free tax return preparation for qualifying taxpayers and more. Date: 2/11/2015

Civic Center safety

There have been serious ongoing safety issues in the Civic Center area, and OCEA has been working to ensure adequate safety precautions are in place.

Date: 2/6/2015

Do you know a veteran overseas?

Do you know an active service member overseas who would like a care package to brighten their day?

Date: 1/30/2015

OCSC tentative agreement announcement 2015
Information regarding the tentative agreement reached between OCEA and the Orange County Superior Court. Date: 1/30/2015

OCFA Negotiations Update

Members approved the new three-year contract

Date: 1/29/2015

OCEA Court Member Safety in Civic Center Area
OCEA has been involved both with the county and the court in raising safety awareness for our members and advocating for greater law enforcement presence within the Civic Center area as the homeless community continues to grow. Date: 1/23/2015

Employee Survey
We still have serious concerns with this survey and how the information will be collected and used. Date: 1/20/2015

Employee Engagement Survey
We have some serious concerns with this survey and how the information will be collected and used Date: 1/12/2015

Governor releases State budget
The Governor released his State budget today. Please find an analysis below from our advocates in Sacramento. Date: 1/9/2015

OCFA Tentative Agreement reached
Membership meeting and election information Date: 12/31/2014

Important safety update: Stabbing in Civic Center today
OCEA received a report from a County employee this morning that a stabbing had occurred outside a County building. OCEA staff immediately went to the scene and received information from the on-duty Sheriff’s personnel. Date: 12/30/2014

2014 PSU election results
The Probation Unit Services election has concluded. Thank you to all who participated. Date: 12/29/2014

A holiday message for you
On Christmas Eve, all of us at OCEA want to take a moment to wish all of you and your families a happy holiday season. This has been another tough year for public workers everywhere, but by standing together, I believe we are turning the tide, and 2015 will be brighter than the last year. Date: 12/24/2014

County members return to the bargaining table in 2015

Please continue to read your OCEA emails in the coming months because critical negotiations information will only be sent to home emails. If you would like to get involved in 2015 bargaining, visit

Date: 12/23/2014

Change starts with LOU (Correa)!

On Jan. 27, 2015, YOU have a chance to clean up the Board of Supervisors by electing Lou Correa to the First District seat. Orange County needs leadership and experience, and that is what Lou Correa brings to the dais.

Date: 12/19/2014

Probation update: Dec. 19, 2014

As you know, over the past several months there have been significant reductions in institutional populations, both here in Orange County and across the State. In October the Probation Department conducted three meetings with Juvenile Hall staff to discuss the population decline and the treatment of juvenile offenders. Unit Alpha has now been temporarily closed and juveniles have been transferred between units.

Date: 12/19/2014

OCEA members elect new board member
Your OCEA Board of Directors would like to thank all OCEA members who voted in the 2014 OCEA Board of Directors election. Voting is one of your most important rights as an OCEA member and we appreciate every person who cast a ballot. Date: 12/16/2014


In the coming weeks, you will have an opportunity to make a real and substantial difference for your family’s security, for the health of the County and your community by electing a member of the Board of Supervisors who has a track record of standing with working families—Sen. Lou Correa.

Date: 12/8/2014

Monday’s CEO Memo
The County is required to release certain information about public workers under the California Public Records Act, including the name and compensation information for employees. Date: 12/3/2014

Fire & Safety members: Here's your FREE invitation to Knott's Berry Farm

You're invited to Knott's Berry Farm Fire & Police Personnel Recognition Days, which honor those who protect our community. FREE admission is available to active fire and police personnel and one guest from now until Jan. 31, 2014. An additional six tickets can be purchased for $29 each through Jan. 4; up to six guest tickets will cost $24 each Jan. 5-31.

Date: 11/24/2014

Labor hosts service projects, community celebration to commemorate Veterans Day 2014
California’s labor unions stood with veterans this November to commemorate Veterans Day 2014 with service projects and a free community celebration attended by 9,000 people in Orange County. Attendance nearly tripled this year as Southern California residents came to the OC Fair & Event Center to honor our nation’s heroes and enjoy free food, music and activities for the family. Date: 11/18/2014

OCFA negotiations update: Nov. 18, 2014
Yesterday your OCEA bargaining team met again with OCFA. We provided OCFA with a comprehensive proposal and have asked management to present this to the JPA Board of Directors. They plan on doing this in closed session at the Dec. 4 special meeting, and we are scheduled to meet again Dec. 10. Date: 11/18/2014

AVOID COST INCREASE TO YOUR HEALTH CARE: Complete your non-smoking attestation by Friday, Nov. 21
County Medical Open Enrollment for 2015 ends this Friday, Nov. 21. You must complete "OC Healthy Steps—Step 3: Non-Smoking Attestation" by this Friday to avoid a significant increase to your health care costs. Date: 11/17/2014

Elect OCEA's next Board of Directors Nov. 14-Dec. 5
Ballots will be mailed from the Elections Committee no later than Friday, Nov. 14. Completed ballots should be returned no later than 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 5, according to the directions sent to you with the ballot envelope. If you do not receive a ballot and want to vote, please contact OCEA Administrative Assistant Janice Lee at Date: 11/14/2014

HOW-TO: Complete your non-smoking attestation by Nov. 21 to avoid significant increase to your health insurance

In order to satisfy the final requirement of the County’s health insurance changes, YOU MUST NOW COMPLETE YOUR NON-SMOKING ATTESTATION BY NOVEMBER 21 during County medical open enrollment. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE NON-SMOKING ATTESTATION BY NOVEMBER 21, YOUR HEALTH CARE COSTS WILL INCREASE SIGNIFICANTLY.

Date: 11/7/2014

Celebrate our heroes with OCEA this Veterans Day!
 If you haven't found the time to participate in any of our veterans events yet, there are several upcoming opportunities Nov. 8-11, 2014. Date: 11/5/2014

OCEA closed Election Day. Remember to vote Nov. 4!

OCEA will be closed Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, for Election Day. We will open again at 8 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 5. It is very important for OCEA to be active on election days. This is a critical day for our democracy and the results of this election will have a direct impact on the security of you and your family.

Date: 11/3/2014

DON'T MISS THIS IMPORTANT TRAINING: Critical Incident Reporting, Saturday, Nov. 15
OCEA will host a Critical Incident Reporting training presented by the OCEA Peace Officer Protective League from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 15 at OCEA, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana. Date: 10/30/2014

FW: Petition of No Confidence
An email from OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino to OC Supervisors Chairman Shawn Nelson. Date: 10/30/2014

Supervisors give County CEO 6% pay increase
Yesterday, Oct. 28, 2014, the Orange County Board of Supervisors gave a 6% non-base-building pay increase to County CEO Mike Giancola. His acceptance of this additional money while his rank-and-file workers struggle to put gas in their cars and feed their families is an unacceptable failure of leadership. Date: 10/29/2014

RSVP now! OCEA Presents: Retirement Planning, Thursday, Oct. 23

You are invited to “OCEA Presents: Retirement Planning,” by Great-West Retirement Services from noon-1 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, in the OCEA Assembly Room, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana.

Date: 10/17/2014

Volunteer with OCEA to clean the USS Iowa battleship Saturday, Nov. 8

Volunteers are needed to help clean the USS Iowa! Bring your buckets, rags, paper towels, gloves and goggles! You will be given a tour of the USS Iowa and lunch will be provided. To volunteer, contact Cathy Yatch at

Date: 10/17/2014

Veterans Day 2014: Calling all veterans ... We want you!
OCEA is proud of the many veterans who are part of the OCEA family, and of those who have served to make our freedom possible. We would like to honor the accomplishments of the veterans among OCEA’s ranks in a project that will highlight your service. If you are a veteran or a family member of a veteran, please take a moment to complete a questionnaire about your service and sacrifice. Date: 10/16/2014

Apply now for the 2015 OCEA Bargaining Team. Deadline is this Friday, Oct. 17!

Do you want a seat at the table when OCEA begins negotiations with the County next year? The deadline for signing up to participate on OCEA’s bargaining team is this Friday, Oct. 17.

Date: 10/15/2014

OCFA negotiations update: Oct. 7, 2014
 Your OCEA Bargaining Team met with OCFA Monday, Oct. 6, 2014. Again, we were very disappointed in the fact that OCFA has not offered wage increases but is still seeking to take money out of your pocket by increasing contributions for retirement. Date: 10/7/2014

Everyone is talking about what's in the paper

Have you seen this morning’s Orange County Register? Once again, in the Local section, we purchased an ad to show how the Board of Supervisors awards contracts to outside companies and how they also receive campaign contributions from those same companies. Last week, we predicted the Board would approve a contract to a major campaign contributor, and we were right! So in today’s paper, the OCEA Crystal Ball makes predictions about three more contracts to campaign contributors.

Date: 10/6/2014

RSVP now for OCEA Presents: Home Buyer Orientation 101 on Oct. 16
OCEA will host Home Buyer Orientation 101, presented by OC Housing Opportunities Collaborative, from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16, in the OCEA Assembly Room, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana. Date: 10/6/2014

IN TODAY’S PAPER! OCEA exposes political contributions and contracting out

This morning, we ran an ad in the Orange County Register to shine a light on how the Orange County Board of Supervisors awards contracts to outside companies and how they also receive campaign contributions from those same companies. As you know, the Board is constantly telling County workers there is no money—no money for raises, no money for health care, and no money to provide retirement security to the people who dedicate their lives to serving Orange County residents. But when it comes to contracts with outside corporations, suddenly money doesn’t seem to be a problem at all. They approve change orders and huge contracts without blinking an eye. When a contract is over budget and behind schedule, it’s not “no money,” it’s “no problem.”

Date: 9/29/2014

Sanitation District negotiations update: Sept. 29, 2014

Your Orange County Sanitation District Bargaining Team met with District representatives Wednesday, Sept. 24. It was our first meeting since June 5. As you recall, we presented the District with a proposal at our first meeting that was fair and addressed the bargaining priorities expressed through your bargaining surveys. The District gave us their counter-proposal to that proposal on Thursday, Sept. 25. Your bargaining team was disappointed in what we received.

Date: 9/29/2014

Sept. 30 DEADLINE approaching for OCEA H&W and supplemental benefits open enrollment

This is the time when OCEA members can make changes to their Health & Welfare and supplemental benefits choices during open enrollment, now through Sept. 30, 2014. Check your home mailbox for your Open Enrollment packet. If you have not received your packet in the mail, use the link below to access all packet materials, or contact an OCEA Benefits Administrator at (714) 835-3355.

Date: 9/25/2014

Probation update: Sept. 23, 2014

It’s been a busy summer in OCEA Probation and we wanted to update you on several recent news items and some upcoming things you should be aware of.

Date: 9/23/2014

Sign up now to join the 2015 OCEA Bargaining Team

Negotiations begin in 2015, but our work developing a strategy and forming the team that sits across the table from the County is already beginning now. Bargaining team applications are due by Oct. 17. Click here to sign up.

Date: 9/22/2014

OCFA negotiations update: Sept. 17, 2014
Yesterday your OCEA Bargaining Team met again with OCFA. We have exchanged initial proposals and are very disappointed by OCFA executive management’s apparent failure to make you a priority. Date: 9/17/2014

Complete your 2015 OCEA Negotiations Survey online now!
COMPLETE YOUR NEGOTIATIONS SURVEY BY MAIL OR ONLINE AT WWW.OCEAMEMBER.ORG/2015SURVEY NOW THROUGH OCT. 17. These surveys will be reviewed by the OCEA Bargaining Team and incorporated into our proposals at the table. Date: 9/15/2014

RSVP NOW! OCEA Presents: Retirement Planning, Thursday, Sept. 25
You are invited to “OCEA Presents: Retirement Planning,” presented by Great-West Retirement Services from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014, in the OCEA Assembly Room, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana. Date: 9/12/2014

We need you (to donate to OCEA's Food Drive for Veterans)!
Thank you for coming to the 2014 OCEA Health Fair and Farmers Market! Several thousand of your co-workers came to OCEA for health screenings, to receive help with H&W supplemental benefits open enrollment, and to share lunch with other members of the County family. Many of you also stepped up for our veterans, in support of Labor’s Veterans + Labor initiative, by donating food, home and baby items, and cash to service families in need. Together we collected 630 lbs. in donations, and we dropped them off today to the Orange County Food Bank, where your donations will be specifically earmarked for homeless veterans who attend the upcoming Orange County Stand Down event. But our work is not over. Date: 9/12/2014

OCWD Modified Agency Shop update: Sept. 10, 2014

As you may know, your OCWDEA Board of Directors and OCEA representatives have been working toward establishing modified agency shop at the Water District since 2011. We wanted to provide you an update on this lengthy process. Enough of your co-workers signed petitions to qualify for a vote on implementation; however the District ignored the voice of its employees and did not allow the vote to occur.

Date: 9/10/2014

Executive managers under investigation
From Voice of OC: "Orange County Supervisors Chairman Shawn Nelson has asked county human resources officials to outline potential discipline measures against top county officials involved in the issuance of nearly $1 million dollars in no-bid contracts inside the county parks department." Date: 9/4/2014

Discussion on $20,000 raise cancelled for Sept. 9
The Board of Supervisors was scheduled to consider a proposal Sept. 9 that would increase the salary range for their chiefs of staff by $20,000. OCEA has spoken out against this unfair program in articles in the Orange County Register and Voice of OC and in an editorial in the Orange County Register. We recently learned the Board of Supervisors has decided to cancel their scheduled discussion of the program. Date: 9/3/2014

OCFA negotiations update: Sept. 2, 2014
This morning your OCEA bargaining team met with OCFA executive management and their paid attorney Peter Brown to start the negotiations process. While we have not yet exchanged proposals, we delivered one simple message: OCFA management has an opportunity to show you, their employees, how much of a priority you are to the organization. Date: 9/2/2014

Open enrollment available today through Sept. 30 for OCEA H&W and supplemental benefits

Open enrollment for Health & Welfare and supplemental benefits begins today!

Date: 9/2/2014

A Labor Day message for you
This Labor Day, reflect upon what you can do to help bring back justice to all of us who work and struggle to provide for ourselves and our families. Gain strength and energy from the struggle and stand proudly in our union rank and file. Date: 9/1/2014

Holiday Compensatory Time adjustment!
We are happy to let you know the MOU provisions regarding Holiday Compensatory Time are now again in effect. Date: 8/27/2014

SSO Peace Officer Status litigation update: Aug. 26, 2014
Today, OCEA appeared in court for a Case Management Conference before Judge Gastelum in our litigation against the County. At the conference, Judge Gastelum set a court trial date of June 1, 2015. We would have preferred an earlier trial date, but as many of you know, getting civil trial dates has become increasingly difficult as court calendars continue to reflect the budgetary realities faced by Superior Courts across the state. Date: 8/26/2014

You're invited THIS SATURDAY, Aug. 30, to the free OCLF Labor Day Celebration at Santa Ana Zoo!
Join the Orange County Labor Federation, OCEA and union families from throughout Orange County as we celebrate Labor Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. THIS SATURDAY, Aug. 30, at the Santa Ana Zoo, 1801 E. Chestnut Ave., in Santa Ana. Date: 8/26/2014

ACTION REQUIRED: Last week to comply with County's Health Care changes
THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO COMPLETE YOUR BIOMETRIC SCREENING and the ONLINE HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT or face a significant decrease to your take-home pay. Date: 8/25/2014

The $20,000 raise proposal for political appointees
Today the Board of Supervisors was scheduled to consider quietly increasing the salary ranges for their political appointees by $20,000. Date: 8/12/2014

Is your caseload too high? Come to the Caseload Management Forum!

Did you know OCEA and the County have agreed to have regular meetings to address issues related to caseload and case management for Children’s and Family Services?

Date: 8/8/2014

RSVP now! OCEA Presents "How to Improve Your Credit Score" Thursday, Aug. 14
You're invited to "OCEA Presents: How to Improve Your Credit Score," presented by Orange County's Credit Union from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 14. Date: 8/8/2014

SSO Peace Officer Status litigation update: Aug. 8, 2014
On Monday the Court issued an order dismissing POST from the case. Date: 8/8/2014

Board of Supervisors to give $20,000 raise to their political appointees
For years we have pointed out the special treatment received by Executive Assistants of the Board of Supervisors and the Board of Supervisors is at it again. Next week the Board of Supervisors and their allies will be at it again. Item No. 6 on the agenda for next Tuesday's Board meeting is a seemingly-routine establishment of a new job classification series. It's meant to be so routine that it has been placed on the consent agenda. But beneath the surface, this is a proposal to secretly increase the salary for Board members' Chiefs of Staff by almost $20,000 annually. Date: 8/7/2014

Holiday Compensatory Time restored!
We are happy to let you know the MOU provisions regarding Holiday Compensatory Time are now again in effect. Date: 8/6/2014

OCEA looking to the future
This is an announcement that is both bittersweet and at the same time exciting. Date: 8/4/2014

Health & Welfare and supplemental benefits open enrollment coming Sept. 2-30, 2014
OCEA members can make changes to their Health & Welfare and supplemental benefits elections during open enrollment Sept. 2-30, 2014. During open enrollment, members can make a wide variety of permissible changes to their insurance, such as adding or dropping dependents, changing option packages, and, for OCEA members, upgrading certain plans. Date: 8/1/2014

OCEA Health Fair and Farmers Market returns Sept. 9, 2014; Food Drive for Veterans Kick-Off same day
OCEA’s annual Health Fair, presented by the OCEA Health & Welfare Trust, will return from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, in the parking lot in front of OCEA. This year, the event is being held in conjunction with Health & Welfare Trust benefits open enrollment so OCEA members can obtain in-person assistance with their supplemental benefits elections. County medical insurance representatives will also be at the Health Fair to aid employees. Date: 7/31/2014

Outsourcing your job
Moorlach’s attempts to open up the outsourcing floodgates in late July ultimately failed. But he and his allies will not stop their attacks, which is why we need to keep building strength, keep working toward fairness, and continue standing up to these bullies. Date: 7/31/2014

OCERS raises your retirement rates

The OCERS board majority voted to increase your pension contribution.

Date: 7/15/2014

Step-by-step guide: How to complete the requirements for the County's health care plan changes
As you know, the County’s new health care program contains a wellness component that requires you to take some action or your health care costs will go up. Date: 7/5/2014

Negotiations: Where we are on the bridge and what's next
Together, we have persevered during one of the toughest negotiations in the history of OCEA—a two-year battle where the County threatened to take away your due process rights and cut your pay by 16 percent. We weathered these attacks by building a bridge together. Date: 7/2/2014

WATCH: OCEA confronts Board's attack on workers' rights
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino confronted the Board of Supervisors about their campaign contributions and votes on outside contracts. The discussion was in response to the Board's attempt to fundamentally change the dynamics of negotiations with County employees. Essentially, the Board is attempting to rewrite the rules to advance their own political agenda and continue to undermine the pay and benefits of you and your families. Date: 6/25/2014

Superior Court budget update: June 20, 2014
Here are the latest updates on the State's budget which is currently being prepared by lawmakers in Sacramento. Date: 6/20/2014

Probation update: June 19, 2014

We want to thank you for coming out and participating if you were one of the many Probation members who attended our recent series of Juvenile Hall site visits. Part of our charge as employee-leaders and union staff members is to be a resource of information and action for you in the workplace. Here's what we talked about at the meetings ...

Date: 6/19/2014

RSVP now for OCEA Presents: Social Networking—Facebook, Twitter and more on June 25
OCEA will host "OCEA Presents: Social Networking—Facebook, Twitter and more" from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 25, at OCEA, 830 N. Ross Street in Santa Ana. The seminar will be presented by OCEA Communications/Social Media Organizer Niyaz Pirani. Date: 6/18/2014

Act now to stop your health insurance costs from rising
As you know, the County’s new health care program contains a wellness component that requires you to take some action or your health care costs will go up. Date: 6/13/2014

Promotions in your department
The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday indicated they wanted special preference for the executive assistants who work in their offices in terms of getting promotions. Date: 6/12/2014

OCERS Retirement Board majority responsible for changes to your retirement
Every year the Retirement Board, NOT OCEA nor THE COUNTY, establishes employer and employee contribution rates for the OCERS retirement system. THIS IS THE LAW and has been the law since 1937. Neither OCEA nor the COUNTY can negotiate these rates. Date: 6/9/2014

YOU'RE INVITED: Probation site visits June 9, 11 or 14
We will discuss in detail the recent health care changes and privacy issues related to the components of the program, recent negotiations results and the direction OCEA is headed as we prepare to go back to the negotiating table again in 2015. Date: 6/6/2014

Orangewood mandatory staff rotation
Orangewood management has started creating a policy for the rotation of Group Counselors at Orangewood. OCEA met informally last week to discuss this policy idea. Management said they had line staff participate in a working group while creating this policy. As of now, OCEA wants to recruit any potential employees who want to be present during the meet and confer, as subject matter experts, to ensure this transition will be the least disruptive as possible. Date: 6/5/2014

More information about changes to your County health care plan
We met with the County this week about expanding access to free biometric screenings, and allowing employees to obtain the screening on County time. We are hoping we can resolve some of these issues soon and will let you know as discussions progress. Date: 6/4/2014

ATTENTION: IMPORTANT INFORMATION about your health care benefits
As you know, the County has implemented a new health care program that contains a wellness component. As part of their program, the County is requiring employees to complete the following by the end of August or face a significant increase to your health care premium. Date: 5/27/2014

Memorial Day 2014: All we have to do is remember
Nobody planned on dying while fighting for our great country, of course, but many have. So, on this Memorial Day, please take a moment to look to the sky and remember those heroes who gave their lives for us. All we have to do is ... remember!! Date: 5/23/2014

Calendar: Memorial Day 2014

Local events and promotions happening during Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26, 2014.

Date: 5/20/2014

OCEA Contract: Building a Bridge to the Future
OCEA members and the Orange County Board of Supervisors recently approved a third-party mediator’s proposal, ending a tenuous 2-year negotiation unlike any seen in this union’s 76-year history. The approved contract—a 15-month deal which expires in June 2015— builds a bridge to the future for OCEA members. The agreement preserves crucial benefits and provides a salary increase for you and your co-workers, while allowing time for us all to determine new ways of insulating OCEA members from the harsh, anti-public-employee political climate that poisoned recent bargaining. And it is a short-term agreement that gives us an opportunity to see what happens with other groups before we officially get back to the table next year. Date: 5/7/2014

County workers honored for heroism
OCEA members from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Health Care Agency were honored for their heroism in mid-April at the Medal of Valor luncheon, hosted by the Sheriff’s Department. Date: 5/5/2014

Important update for PSU and PSMU members
Legislative updates and an invitation to a free SCOPO luncheon for PSU and PSMU members. Date: 4/30/2014

Changes to your health care benefits

The County has informed OCEA that they will be implementing certain changes to health care coverage on July 1, 2014.

Date: 4/17/2014

OCEA measles alert and update

Update regarding recent developments in HCA

Date: 4/17/2014

Our contract built the bridge—Together we will cross it!
Our goal is to work with the County to develop salary-setting methods and examine the future of what it means to be a public employee. A generation ago, people like our grandparents joined together and negotiated wages that were the envy of the world, which paved the way for the American middle class. We too can stand together and rise to the challenge placed before us. Date: 4/15/2014

RSVP now for OCEA Presents: Upcoming Employee Benefits Changes May 15

Orange County HRS (Employee Benefits) Department will go over upcoming changes to employee benefits in two sessions at OCEA: Noon to 1 p.m. and 5:30-6:30 p.m. May 15. RSVP now to

Date: 4/15/2014

OCEA delegation advocates in Sacramento for restoration of court funding
OCEA President Lezlee Neebe, OCEA Board member Rick Burns and OCEA Steward Carolyn Gregor are in Sacramento testifying before both the Assembly Judicial Budget Committee and the Senate Judicial Budget Committee. They were joined by dozens of Court executives and presiding judges advocating for the restoration of judicial branch funding. Date: 4/10/2014

Civil and probate court reporter staffing

We've been made aware of the announcement that the Court intends to change court reporter assignments in civil and probate court. We have also received an official meet-and-confer request from the Court to discuss the impacts of this decision.

Date: 4/8/2014

Car buyer's seminar, April 10: Drive Away Happy
Join OCEA from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, April 10, for a car buyer's seminar presented by Orange County's Credit Union and Velece Insurance. Topics include tips for purchasing an auto, tips for auto financing, credit scoring information and more. Date: 3/14/2014

Contract vote is from Feb. 27 to March 6. Vote YES to ratify mediator's proposal

Join your OCEA Board of Directors and County bargaining team and vote yes on the mediator's proposal!

Date: 2/27/2014


Thank you for attending the event! It was a packed house!! The number of people in attendence indicates the importance of this topic, so we wanted to make sure you had some additional information in case you have more questions about OCERS and your retirement.

Date: 2/27/2014

RSVP now for OCEA Presents: Home Buyer Orientation 101 on March 13

OCEA will host "Home Buyer Orientation 101" from noon to 1 p.m. March 13. Lunch and parking will be provided. RSVP now to

Date: 2/20/2014

Save money on your insurance with Velece!

If you or someone you know is searching for better insurance rates for the new year, check out Velece Insurance. OCEA’s wholly-owned insurance agency is an agent of several insurance companies including Mercury, Pacific Specialty, Access, King, Foremost and JC Taylor. If you’re already a Velece client and you refer a friend, you will get two free movie tickets if they sign a new policy!

Date: 2/18/2014

Deadline approaching for 2014 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship applications

The OCEA Board of Directors, recognizing the value and importance of a college education, has decided to offer three $2,000 scholarships this year, voting to contribute even more to working families while the County of Orange continues to propose take-aways that harm the middle class.

Date: 2/11/2014

Board of Supervisors take a pay raise

The Board of Supervisors accepted a pay raise on their last paycheck. Really. At the same time as they gave you a last, best and final offer that would lock in seven years with no pay increases and cut your take-home pay, their paychecks grew. AND to make matters worse, they got a lump-sum payment to make that raise retroactive to July.

Date: 1/28/2014

What's next in negotiations: Jan. 27, 2014

OCEA members voted overwhelmingly to REJECT the County’s last, best and final offer. We stood together against the County’s attempts to bully and threaten us into accepting a bad deal.

Date: 1/27/2014

County workers reject Orange County's last, best and final offer

Your OCEA Bargaining Team and OCEA Board of Directors unanimously recommended rejecting the County’s offer because it failed to recognize the sacrifices made by County workers. County members stood with their workplace leaders and every bargaining unit voted overwhelmingly to reject the bad offer.

Date: 1/24/2014

RSVP now! OCEA will host OCERS pre-retirement seminar Feb. 27

OCEA will host a pre-retirement seminar, presented by the Orange County Employees Retirement System, from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27. Topics include retirement basics, plan types and formulas, life as a retiree and more. RSVP now to

Date: 1/21/2014

CMCEA President Helen Nenadal retires

Helen Nenadal, who has been a tireless advocate for City workers as President of the Costa Mesa City Employees Association, retired in December after 32 years of service. Helen led workers in their fight to stop the City from outsourcing more than 200 jobs. She was often in the crosshairs of a politically motivated City Council majority, and spoke out for her fellow workers in public meetings and in the media.

Date: 1/14/2014

OCEA Presents: An Overview of the Affordable Care Act, Jan. 30. RSVP now!
OCEA will host "An Overview of the Affordable Care Act" for members from noon to 1 p.m. Jan. 30. The event, presented by Kaiser Permanente, will take place at OCEA, 830 N. Ross St., Sana Ana. Topics include: The evolving health care market, health care reform and more. Date: 1/10/2014

What your vote to REJECT the County's last, best and final offer means

We have summarized what happens now that County members have voted to REJECT the County’s proposal.

Date: 1/10/2014

Superior Court budget update: Jan. 9, 2014
Gov. Brown released his initial budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year today. In this budget he included a $100 million increase to the California Trial Court System and a $5 million increase to the State judiciary. While this is a step in the right direction, the reality is we need more funding. This initial budget figure is not final, as the Legislature and Gov. Brown will be discussing potential budget changes that will be released in May of this year, known as the “May revise.” Date: 1/9/2014

OCEA welcomes more than 300 new members
More than 300 new members joined the OCEA family in 2013 and early 2014—the result of longtime organizing efforts. OCEA currently represents employees in 24 cities and special districts within Orange County. Date: 1/6/2014

OCEA 2013: A Year in Review

A look back at important moments at OCEA in 2013.

Date: 1/2/2014

Now accepting applications for the OCEA Health & Welfare Trust
Want to increase your involvement at OCEA in a way that impacts every one of your co-workers?Consider running for election as a trustee of the OCEA Health and Welfare Trust. Date: 1/1/2014

Community Works: Santa for a day

OCEA Board member and Social Services Agency employee Paul Nguyen put smiles on the faces of residents at the Garden Grove Convalescent Hospital in December when he dressed up as Santa Claus and visited patients to deliver care packages and sing Christmas carols.

Date: 12/26/2013

OCEA members celebrate a season of giving
Donations from OCEA members throughout the 2013 holiday season brightened the lives of local residents in need. Date: 12/20/2013

Members elect two to OCEA Board of Directors
OCEA members elected Ian Foster and Russell Baldwin to the OCEA Board of Directors in December. Date: 12/17/2013

OCEA stewards celebrate 2013 achievements

OCEA stewards, your member-representatives and workplace leaders, capped another year of standing together for working families with the annual Steward Awards in December. Stewards were lauded for their contributions at the various agencies, cities and special districts represented by OCEA.

Date: 12/12/2013

Superior Court negotiations update: Contract approved!

Your OCEA Superior Court Bargaining Team met to verify the results of the vote.

Date: 12/12/2013

OCEA Toy Drive through Dec. 19 benefits Children's Hospital of Orange County

Toys donated to OCEA by 5 p.m. Dec. 19 will be donated to Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Date: 12/2/2013

Superior Court tentative agreement information
Information regarding the tentative agreement reached between OCEA and the Orange County Superior Court. Date: 12/2/2013

CEO proposes to slash your benefits. How about his?

The County continues proposing to cut benefits for you and your families and force you to pay even more for the benefits you have. So yesterday, we asked CEO Mike Giancola if he was willing to do the same for himself and his executive team. Please see the letter, which we sent to Mr. Giancola. He still hasn’t responded.

Date: 11/26/2013

Veterans + Labor: Honoring and standing with our heroes

Too many of the veterans who proudly served our country still don’t receive the support they’ve earned or the services they need when returning home. OCEA and labor unions from across the state are taking the lead to change that.

Date: 11/14/2013

VIDEO: OCEA celebrates veterans

Thank you to everyone who came to the Orange County Fairgrounds on Monday, Veterans Day, to say thank you to our Country’s veterans. More than 3,000 people attended the event and got a chance to see how workers standing together can make a difference in our communities and especially for our heroes in uniform.

Date: 11/14/2013

Important information about OCEA Board of Directors election packets

Ballots for the 2013 OCEA Board of Directors election are being delivered by mail to homes this week. The ballot you receive mistakenly includes a candidate, John Leos, who is not running for the Board of Directors in this election. Any votes cast for Mr. Leos will not be counted.

Date: 11/13/2013

OCEA takes legal action in negotiations

On Nov. 4, OCEA took the unprecedented step to file legal action against the County with the California Public Employment Relations Board. The County is refusing to provide critical information we need to continue to represent your interests at the bargaining table, even though they say they may use that information against us if we are unable to reach an agreement and proceed to fact finding.

Date: 11/5/2013

Superior Court members are under attack

Negotiations began in late July for Court members, and once again, the Superior Court judges are attempting to eliminate rights for Court employees. Talks are occurring in the shadow of an uncertain financial future from the State. Superior Court Judges, who form the Court’s executive committee, ultimately sign off on the Court’s proposal. This year, they showed just how wrong their priorities are.

Date: 11/1/2013

Elect OCEA's next Board of Directors: Nov. 15-Dec. 6

You can vote for ten seats on the Orange County Employees Association Board of Directors this month during the 2013 General Election. OCEA members should receive a ballot in the mail from the Elections Committee no later than Friday, Nov. 15, the first day of voting. Ballots will need to be returned according to the directions sent with the ballot no later than Friday, Dec. 6.

Date: 10/28/2013

Employees launch 'Costa Mesa Works' website
Costa Mesa Works is a space where CMCEA shares updates from the bargaining table, insights into how things work (or don’t work) at City Hall, and news involving the City’s great employees. Read more at Date: 10/28/2013

Newport Beach residents stand with their trash workers

The Council voted on Sept. 10 to outsource the services, but the pressure from the community compelled the Council to commit to providing jobs for every impacted refuse worker. A deal worked out between the NBEL and City management preserves jobs for those who wish to remain employed by the City.

Date: 10/28/2013

OCEA awards scholarships to local students

OCEA's Scholarship Committee awarded Adrien Ha of Fountain Valley and Meagan Mathieson of La Habra each with $2,000 college scholarships at the August Board of Directors meeting. Adrien, who attends Emerson College in Boston, Mass., is the son of OCEA member Howard Ha of Orange County Health Care Agency. Meagan, who attends California State University, Fullerton, is the daughter of OCEA member Shannon Mathieson of the Orange County Probation Department.

Date: 10/28/2013

Frank Eley secures another term on OCERS board

Frank Eley will serve a sixth term as your member representative on the board of the Orange County Employees Retirement System. Frank has been on the OCERS board since 1999 and is expected to be confirmed for the seat in November after running unopposed.

Date: 10/24/2013

OCEA Food Drive: Nov. 1-27, 2013
You can donate items to help those in need during the 2013 OCEA Food Drive at OCEA from Nov. 1 to 27. Date: 10/24/2013

IT transition update: Oct. 17, 2013

OCEA and the County met on Oct. 4 to continue discussions regarding the transition of IT Scope 1 and 2 services. At that meeting, the County shared a communiqué that went out to agency directors and department heads outlining timelines for the commencement of Scope 1 and Scope 2. OCEA, in turn would like to share that communication with you.

Date: 10/17/2013

Make your Thanksgiving dinner union-made!
When you sit at the table this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, remember to also give thanks to the hard work of thousands of union members nationwide by buying union-made products for your feast. The list covers nearly every dish on the table—from the bird to sides and dessert. Date: 10/17/2013

SSO update: Oct. 8, 2013

Today the Board of Supervisors approved a request by the Sheriff to waive local fees for Orange County resident SSOs who apply for a CCW. We are writing to let you know that it has been and remains your individual decision whether or not you should apply for a CCW. That decision should be based solely on what you believe is best for you and your family.

Date: 10/8/2013

OCPL Threat Assessment

It has been reported to OCEA that some County library staff have encountered patrons who create uncomfortable situations in the library. Your concerns and voices have been heard. Since the report, OCEA and OCCR HR have been in communication to find the best remedy for the situation.

Date: 10/7/2013

RSVP now! OCEA Presents: Credit Smart 101 Thursday, Oct. 24
RSVP now for OCEA Presents: Credit Smart 101 and learn how to budget and improve your credit to prepare for homeownership. You will learn about establishing or improving your credit score, developing a spending plan and more. Date: 10/4/2013

What's next in County negotiations
As you know, last Friday the Governor signed the VLF legislation and that opens the way for negotiations to resume with the County. Today I want to give you an idea of what could occur in the coming weeks and months. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS MESSAGE SO YOU ARE COMPLETELY INFORMED REGARDING WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT IN THE NEGOTIATIONS PROCESS. Date: 10/3/2013

Celebrate Veterans with the Labor community!

Celebrate Veterans with the Labor community Nov. 7-11 with service projects and a community celebration at the OC Fair on Veterans Day.

Date: 10/2/2013

PHOTOS: 2013 OCEA Health Fair gets fresh

More than 2,200 attendees came to the 2013 OCEA Health Fair. They received free health screenings, union information and healthy food during the three-hour festival on Oct. 1.

Date: 10/2/2013

Governor signs VLF deal
We have just learned the Governor has signed the legislation to finally put Orange County on a property tax formula that will grow. Date: 9/28/2013

Your contributions should be rewarded with a raise

Yesterday, Sept. 25, 2013, the Orange County Register published my editorial in which I recounted a recent luncheon hosted by the Lincoln Club and Concordia University that I attended. The speaker at the luncheon reminded me about compromise, and I was urged to write about the contributions and sacrifices you and your fellow members have made to the County on pensions, retiree medical and take-home pay.

Date: 9/26/2013

How signing OCEA's petition protects your pay
It is critical at this time that the Board of Supervisors truly understands the sacrifices you and your families have made to help the County weather its financial challenges. That is why it’s critical that you SIGN THIS PETITION and encourage every single one of your coworkers to do the same TODAY. To that end, we are asking all OCEA members to sign a respectful and thoughtful petition to the Board of Supervisors. You can print out a petition to circulate to your coworkers by clicking here. Date: 9/23/2013

VLF update: AB 701 passes the State Assembly

I'm in Sacramento today during the last days of the legislative session to follow the progress of AB 701, the bill regarding the County's VLF funds. I'm relieved to report the bill has passed the State Assembly.

Date: 9/12/2013

2013 OCEA Health Fair and Farmers Market Oct. 1 at OCEA!

The OCEA Health & Welfare Trust presents the 2013 OCEA Health Fair and Farmers Market from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1, in the OCEA parking lot, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana.

Date: 9/11/2013

IT Outsourcing: They didn't listen
With almost no discussion, the Board of Supervisors approved the Xerox IT contract, showing just how powerful the influence of lobbyists is—even in the face of hard facts and the best interests of taxpayers. But our efforts were not wasted because the Board repeatedly and publicly guaranteed all affected employees will be placed in other county IT jobs. Date: 9/11/2013

County set to outsource

Tomorrow the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to decide if it will outsource IT work currently performed by County employees. The Contract value is approximately $133 million. There has been significant controversy surrounding this contract. The bidders have increased costs and threatened to shut off other IT services if the County didn’t play ball with them … then retracted its threat two days later and provided faulty numbers.

Date: 9/9/2013

SSO General Membership Meeting: 9 a.m. Sept. 28, 2013
OCEA will hold a general membership meeting for SSOs at OCEA, 830 N. Ross St. in Santa Ana, at 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 28. Please RSVP to either Frank Flavin,, or Aaron Peardon,, if you plan on attending. Date: 9/6/2013

VLF update: Sept. 5, 2013

Today, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva proposed bi-partisan legislation, which is supported by Orange County’s legislative delegation, that would achieve at least some of the County’s objectives. As we reported to you last Friday, the bill appears to involve a swap of $50 million in “Lou Correa” money (which would no longer come to the County) for approximately $53 million in VLF revenue, which, unlike the Correa money, would grow over time.

Date: 9/5/2013

DOWNLOAD: Home Buyer Orientation resources

Download all presenation materials from the August 2013 "OCEA Presents: Home Buyer Orientation" event.

Date: 9/4/2013

VLF update: Aug. 30, 2013
We have learned that the County and State may have reached a deal to address the County’s loss of VLF revenue to the State. The deal does not appear to include a recovery of the full $76 million in annual VLF revenue. It does appear to include allowing the County to swap out $50 million in annual “Lou Correa” money for $54 million in property tax revenue, which would allow the County to realize future tax revenue growth. This deal will need to clear some legislative hurdles before it becomes a reality. Date: 8/30/2013

RSVP now! OCEA Presents: "Financial Guide to Retirement" Thursday, Sept. 19!

Presented by Orange County's Credit Union at OCEA on Sept. 19, this seminar will cover retirement planning, savings tips and tricks, expense tracking and more.

Date: 8/22/2013

Retirement rates unnecessarily raised

The following story, "County Treasurer trying to backtrack on key pension vote," was published Monday in the Voice of OC. Please take a moment to read this story and listen to the audio of the retirement board meeting that is attached to the article. This will give you a very clear picture of the irresponsible behavior of the retirement board’s majority that has artificially raised retirement rates. Unfortunately, pursuant to law, OCEA does not have the ability to to negotiate these rates.

Date: 8/20/2013

Superior Court Negotiations update (Aug. 16, 2013): Why we kicked out Court management today

OCEA was hopeful the Court would come to the bargaining table with a spirit of collaboration so we could collectively reach an agreement that would show Sacramento the importance of restoring Court funding. Unfortunately, the Court has decided to take the easy way out and has proposed cuts that attack every one of our employees. Some of these proposals do not even address fiscal issues but merely enable management to unilaterally choose who should go out the door first if layoffs occur, regardless of seniority.

Date: 8/16/2013

Potential budget impacts if County loses $76 million
Your OCEA Bargaining Team met with the County today. As you know, the County may lose $76.5 million. The State Legislature will consider restoration of that money between now and the end of the legislative session on Sept. 14. If the $76.5 million is not restored, it will mean significant losses to the County budget. We will continue to work with the County to navigate the impacts of this tenuous situation. Date: 8/6/2013

You're invited to celebrate Labor Day with OC Labor!
Join OC Labor for the fifth annual Labor Day Celebration at Santa Ana Zoo from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 31. Date: 8/5/2013

RSVP now! OCEA Presents: Home Buyer Orientation 101 Aug. 22
Want to become a homeowner but don't know where to start? Then this free orientation is just for you!Learn about the many free resources and how to get free down payment assistance to buy a home! Date: 8/2/2013

Superior Court Negotiations update: July 31, 2013
Your OCEA bargaining team met with Court management this morning to review the Orange County Superior Court’s current budget situation. It is no secret that throughout the State and here locally in Orange County we have a serious budget problem. Date: 7/31/2013

VIDEO: OCEA tells Board employees are fed up
Yesterday, July 30, OCEA members and staff attended the Board of Supervisors meeting to stand up for you and your families. We were able to remind the County just how much our members have suffered and continue to suffer while the County wastes tens of millions of dollars on outsourced contracts and perks for the County's "one percenters." Date: 7/31/2013

Guidance regarding County corruption probe

As you know, a special task force consisting of the O.C. District Attorney, U.S. Attorney, IRS and FBI has been formed to investigate corruption in Orange County. A number of members have called requesting information regarding how they should conduct themselves if approached by investigators. We also know some OCEA members have already been approached to provide assistance. Therefore, we instruct you as follows ... 

Date: 7/29/2013

SSO update: A small but significant victory

Today a Superior Court Judge granted our request to amend our complaint to include POST as a defendant in our lawsuit to preserve your peace officer status. This is a small but important victory and paves the way for us to continue the fight on behalf of you and your families.

Date: 7/24/2013

IT Outsourcing update: July 23, 2013

Today, the Board of Supervisors were poised to vote on the second scope of this outsourcing scheme, which included an increase of $27 million from the contractor's original estimate, bringing the total to $133 million. This massive contract would put the entire County IT infrastructure into the hands of a private corporation, and line the pockets of well-connected lobbyists and campaign contributors, while holding the system hostage.

Date: 7/23/2013

SSO update: July 23, 2013

OCEA was notified this morning that the Superior Court has continued our Case Management Conference, as well as the hearing on our motion to file an amended complaint to add POST as a defendant, from today to 10 a.m. Thursday, July 25.

Date: 7/23/2013

EDITORIAL: Playing politics with your pensions

As you may know, your retirement is under attack. Political ideologues on the OCERS Retirement Board who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors are attempting to bring down the pension system with a series of calculated changes meant to weaken OCERS’ overall financial health. I wrote in the OC Register detailing how these political appointees are implementing Draconian measures at the expense of the taxpayer.

Date: 7/17/2013

Your pension contributions

The blatant attempt by politically-appointed members of the OCERS Retirement Board to irresponsibly raise your retirement plan contribution rates even more was on full display at yesterday’s OCERS Board meeting. These anti-employee ideologues convinced the County Treasurer, Shari Freidenrich, to try to change votes she cast at the June Board meeting.

Date: 7/16/2013

Your privacy in retirement: July 11, 2013 update

CalPERS sent out another message to members informing them the database would not yet be published because of potential legislation that could limit what pensioner information is considered public.

Date: 7/11/2013

Your pension is being hijacked
As you know the OCERS Board has taken several actions which have led to increases in pension contribution rates. We believe this is part of a concerted effort by some members of the OCERS Board to deliberately drive up the cost of pensions to both employers and employees with a despicable goal—to destroy the dream of a secure retirement for working people. We refuse to sit idly by while these politically appointed millionaires try to undermine your economic security. Date: 7/10/2013

Your privacy in retirement

Next week, CalPERS will begin publishing certain information about retirees on its website as part of an online database. Information in the database will include the “pensioner’s name, monthly gross pension payment, base allowance, cost of living adjustments, years of service, when they retired, their pension benefit formulas, final compensation and last employer,” according to a Sacramento Bee report.

Date: 7/9/2013

Double check your next paycheck
We want to be sure you check your pension contribution deduction on your next paycheck. At the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1) the retirement system (OCERS) adjusts contribution rates for employers and employees. Date: 7/3/2013

Your paycheck
For County members: You will be seeing a change in the paycheck you receive on July 19, and even though OCEA or the County do not control the change in rates (the rate setting process is set forth by law), we wanted to let you know so you could plan accordingly. Date: 7/2/2013

Negotiations update and County reorganization

An update from OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino regarding two important issues—the status of negotiations and the County’s executive level reorganization. 

Date: 7/1/2013

Superior Court bargaining survey
We are asking members to fill out the attached survey and become more involved in the different ways you could support this negotiations process (click here to take the Superior Court bargaining survey). You will find a section on the attached survey where you can express your interest in serving on an organizing committee. This committee will assist the bargaining team “behind the scenes” with member education, communication and engagement. We want and need all members to be engaged. Date: 7/1/2013

SSO update: June 28, 2013

OCEA was notified late yesterday that the Orange County Superior Court continued our Case Management Conference scheduled for today. It has been continued to 2 p.m. July 23, which is the same time as our hearing regarding our Motion for Leave to file an Amended Complaint. If the Court grants our motion, we will have the ability to name POST as a defendant in our case.

Date: 6/28/2013

REPORT: Supervisors may start paying for their own pensions
You might have heard that County Supervisors this week approved a plan to begin contributing to their pensions. As you know, up until now, the “employee” share of pension plan contributions for supervisors has been fully paid by taxpayers (although participating Supervisors have paid the “reverse pick-up”). Because California law restricts elected officials from reducing their benefits (which are contractually protected throughout their office term), the three members of the Board who currently receive retirement benefits will soon have the option to start donating a percentage of their income back to the County as a charitable contribution. Date: 6/27/2013

SSO update: June 21, 2013
Last week, your SSO Executive Committee and OCEA representatives met with the Sheriff’s Department and County again for ongoing discussions regarding your peace officer status. It has been more than eight months since discussions began, and we continue to fight to protect your interests. Still, we have not reached an agreement. Date: 6/21/2013

Four OC Board of Supervisors members under investigation

A story was just published in the Voice of OC (click here to read) which announces that four members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors are under investigation by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). We have been receiving inquires throughout the morning regarding what this means and how this will this impact County employees and our fight in Sacramento for the $73 million.

Date: 6/19/2013

Chances to restore $73 million looking dimmer

Nick Berardino: "Last night I returned to Orange County from Sacramento. I am sorry to report that despite our day and night efforts over the past several weeks, there is still no deal to resolve the Vehicle License Fee dispute between the County and Sacramento. The County has a meeting scheduled with the Governor’s office on Thursday of this week and plans to make a settlement proposal at that time."

Date: 6/11/2013

Court budget update: June 11, 2013
It appears at this point the Governor is only willing to restore $60 million to the trial court system, of which only $57 million will be divided by the court systems within California’s 58 counties. Orange County Superior Court projects a $57 million dollar budget deficit. It is obvious the picture is bleak. Date: 6/11/2013

Roadblocks in the battle to restore the $150 million

In the spirit of committed transparency, we need to share a tough update. As we enter into the final hours before the legislature passes a budget June 15, given the circumstances and our evaluation of the situation, we need to prepare ourselves for what appears to be a strong possibility that the County will not be successful in recovering the lost funds. This all could change, and we will continue to communicate updates as this serious issue progresses.

Date: 6/6/2013

Court update from CMCEA
This morning, we asked an Orange County Superior Court judge for a temporary restraining order to block the City from outsourcing jail services to the private sector. Date: 6/4/2013

OCWDEA negotiations update: June 3, 2013
Orange County Water District Employees Association has been in contract negotiations since March with the District. OCWDEA and the District exchanged 11 proposals over several meetings, and we are happy to announce that a Tentative Agreement was reached on Thursday, May 30. Date: 6/3/2013

Why We Boycott: Walmart
Bentonville, AK-based Walmart advertises "Always low prices," but a majority of the company's 2.2 million workers—which represents the largest corporate workforce in the world—are left to continually suffer because of "Always low wages," a lack of benefits and a company culture meant to keep them at the bottom. Here's why we boycott Walmart. Date: 5/31/2013

Fighting to protect our principles
Every year I ask you to join me during your various Memorial Day celebrations to look to the sky and say thank you to the men and women who are the true heroes of democracy. This year, when I look to the sky and say thank you, I am also going to apologize that I haven’t done more to protect the economic security of the working class who built our great nation and serve its citizens. I loved every one of the Thundering Third, and they loved the principles they died for, including fairness and equity for working Americans. Date: 5/24/2013

Never forget why we celebrate Memorial Day
Traditional observance of Memorial Day has diminished over the years, even to the point that many do not even know why we have this holiday. Many have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day. Date: 5/24/2013

Calendar: Memorial Day 2013

Local events and promotions happening during Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27, 2013.

Date: 5/22/2013

RSVP now for labor history event: Labor is All Around You

Join your union brothers and sisters to celebrate Labor History month at OCEA. Learn about organized labor, its contributions, and join the movement for respect and dignity for all working families. For more information, or to RSVP, contact Joline Vela at the Orange County Labor Federation at (714) 385-1534 or

Date: 5/21/2013

Steward Advisory Committee reconvenes

OCEA’s Steward Advisory Committee has been reinstated as part of the ongoing effort to organize OCEA members and identify veteran and emerging workplace leaders. The committee is comprised of stewards from various County and District agencies and will be tasked with reviewing Guiding Principles and Expectations for OCEA stewards, recruiting new workplace leaders and further expanding the steward program.

Date: 5/17/2013

Important information for SSOs
Over the next few weeks it is likely there will be continuing actions by the Sheriff to attempt to convert you to 831.4 status. Be assured that notwithstanding the Sheriff's actions or pronouncements, we continue to battle for your peace officer status in court and the ultimate resolution will likely be determined by the court. Date: 5/15/2013

Additional information: County may lose $73 million

We have just learned that Superior Court Judge Robert J. Moss issued a tentative ruling granting the petition for writ of mandate filed by the California Department of Finance against the County to recover more than $50 million (may now be $73 million) in revenue.

Date: 5/8/2013

County may lose $73 million
We have just learned that yesterday Superior Court Judge Robert J. Moss issued a tentative ruling granting the petition for writ of mandate filed by the California Department of Finance against the County to recover more than $50 million (may now be $73 million) in revenue. Date: 5/8/2013

SSO update: Peace officer status
We wanted to take a moment to update you on all the work going on behind the scenes to protect your peace officer status. Date: 5/8/2013

IT Outsourcing update: May 6, 2013

Despite the County’s long held position against giving any job protections, your OCEA IT Organizing Committee and OCEA staff were able to compel the County into providing written assurances that OCEA represented employees in IT classifications would maintain County employment.

Date: 5/7/2013

SSO update: May 6, 2013
I was just notified by the County that effective immediately Sheriff Hutchens is appointing SSOs under Penal Code Section 831.4 (Public Officer). Please read the attached letter from the Sheriff. This action is very disappointing in light of the fact that the department and its leadership has remained uncooperative providing information and has refused to demonstrate any interest in protecting its officers throughout this ordeal. Date: 5/6/2013

New County CEO selected

Unfortunately, OCEA and County employees were not notified that a new CEO has been selected in advance of circulating it to the newspapers. The selection for new CEO is Mike Giancola, who is currently the director of Orange County Waste and Recycling. Mike began his career as a groundskeeper and has worked his way up through the organization. The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to confirm his appointment on Tuesday.

Date: 5/1/2013

Who to call if you need help

If you or a family member suffers from a serious illness or are in need of financial support, there are resources available to help. The Orange County Employees Association has compiled a list of local resources to connect you with the services and support you may need. That page can be found at

Date: 5/1/2013

County rank & file acknowledged as leaders!

We have been bossed around for far too long. We are at a time when now, more than ever, we need our leaders to work with us—searching for solutions together—instead of commanding from afar. President Harry S. Truman once said, "In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillfull leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better." You have shown time and time again that you have the courage to lead. Do they?

Date: 4/29/2013

Join OC Labor at May Day March & Rally on May 1 in Anaheim!
Join OCEA and the Orange County Labor Federation on International Worker's Day, May 1, for a march and rally. Stand UNITED with your union brothers and sisters as we continue to fight for equality, fairness, respect and dignity for all workers and a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring Americans. Date: 4/23/2013

SSO off-duty carry update: April 23, 2013

We just learned late Monday afternoon that the Court has GRANTED OCEA's motion for a preliminary injunction, thereby allowing SSOs to carry concealed weapons as peace officers until further court action. This is a great initial victory for SSOs and OCEA as we fight to maintain your peace officer status. As the judge wrote, "[i]n this court's opinion, the balance tips in favor of officer safety."

Date: 4/23/2013

Apply now to join the Public Works LMC!

We are looking for interested workplace leaders willing to take action and bring forth concerns with an open mind and an out-of-the-box, solution-oriented approach. If this is you, please click on the following link to be directed to an OCPW LMC application. Once you have completed the application please forward to Jamie Newton at APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24.

Date: 4/19/2013

Court budget update: April 19, 2013
We wanted to send you a quick update of what your OCEA leadership is doing to protect the livelihoods of our Court members and families. As you are aware, the Trial Court System has been facing severe financial shortfalls and lack of funding from the State. Date: 4/19/2013

RSVP NOW! OCEA Presents: Homebuyer Orientation 101 on May 23
OCEA will hold a workshop from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, May 23, 2013, that is geared toward savvy consumers who are thiking of purchasing a home and want to learn about the process. OCHOC will provide an overview of the homebuyer process; the specifics of what is needed to purchase a home; an overview of various down-payment-assistance programs and more.   Date: 4/11/2013

IT Outsourcing update: April 5, 2013

OCEA and the County continue to meet regarding the impacts of their outsourcing scheme. OCEA’s primary goal is and always has been to protect jobs and ensure each and every OCEA member is given assurance in writing that they will not be laid off. On Tuesday, April 3, OCEA staff and IT employee representatives met with the County to continue discussing their plans and the impacts on employees. While we have made progress, we have not reached an agreement with the County, although we remain hopeful we will.

Date: 4/5/2013

O.C. Register guest editorial about CEO pay
This morning the Orange County Register published my guest editorial regarding CEO pay. Please take a moment to read this important article. Date: 3/26/2013

SSO update: March 18, 2013
Last week, your SSO Executive Committee and OCEA representatives met with the Sheriff’s Department and County again for ongoing discussions regarding your peace officer status. It has been more than eight months since discussions began, and we continue to fight to protect your interests. Still, we have not reached an agreement. Date: 3/18/2013

IT Outsourcing update: March 15, 2013
In our last communication we indicated that we were waiting for PERB to respond to our request. Late yesterday OCEA received notice from PERB that OCEA’s declaration of impasse and its fact-finding request were valid and that PERB would commence the fact-finding process as requested by OCEA. This is a huge victory for you and your co-workers. Date: 3/15/2013


In our last communication, we alerted you that we have been hearing from our members that management in some areas of the County have made subtle and not-so-subtle threats to employees who have not submitted a survey. Yesterday, we received direct proof of this illegal and inappropriate behavior occurring in the Health Care Agency (HCA).

Date: 3/14/2013

CMCEA update: March 12, 2013
Today, the attorneys for the City and CMCEA engaged in a case management conference with the presiding judge. At this conference a court date was scheduled for Jan. 6, 2014. CMCEA will continue its fight to preserve city services because the jobs you all do are invaluable to the community. Date: 3/12/2013

IT Outsourcing update: March 12, 2013

The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has told us the County does not believe we can declare impasse over the subject of the surveys. As of today, we are waiting for PERB to make a determination as to next steps. PERB contacted us today and is still investigating the issue. You have the right to withhold the survey until such time as PERB issues its findings. We strongly urge the County to immediately cease distribution of the survey until the issue is resolved.

Date: 3/12/2013

Wealth Inequality in America

“Wealth Inequality in America,” a new online video, sums up the situation succinctly by comparing what 5,000 Americans think wealth distribution in America looks like compared to what the distribution actually is. The results are truly eye-opening, and only further exemplify how the American Dream is being eroded by corporate greed and workplace inequities.

Date: 3/12/2013

RSVP now! OCEA Presents: Understanding new credit card laws
OCEA will host "Understanding New Credit Card Laws" in the OCEA Assembly Room from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, March 28. Topics include: "Changes in new accounts, interest rates and payments," "Fees and penalties," "Rules for young credit card owners" and more. Date: 3/8/2013

IT Outsourcing update: March 6, 2013

Over the past week, your OCEA representatives have been meeting with the County to discuss the survey you’ve been asked to complete regarding your job duties–surveys the County intends to use to identify employees impacted by the County’s outsourcing plans. On March 4, during a meeting with the County to discuss the impacts of the County’s outsourcing scheme, OCEA declared impasse regarding the surveys.

Date: 3/6/2013

OCEA stewards: Your workplace leaders

OCEA’s stewards—public employee-union members who volunteer their time to serve OCEA’s general membership—are valuable workplace resources who can point you toward information on bargaining, supplemental benefits and more.

Date: 3/5/2013

Social Work Month aims to strengthen the nation's fabric

This March, social workers across the Country will be  recognized as part of Social Work Month 2013. This year's theme is “Weaving Threads of Resilience and Advocacy: The Power of Social Work."

Date: 3/4/2013

IT Outsourcing update: Feb. 27, 2013

As you are aware, there have been several important developments relating to the County IT Outsourcing scheme in the last couple of weeks. This week is no different. Here is a quick recap of some of the major updates.

Date: 2/27/2013

Media report on SSO concealed carry issue

We have been watching with horror the unfolding news about the at-large gunman going after a hit list that includes law enforcement officials and their families. Given the sensitivity of this situation, we contacted department leadership today and asked if SSOs could be given temporary permission to carry their weapons off-duty until the suspect is captured.

Date: 2/26/2013

Will the CEO get a six percent raise?

This morning, Feb. 26, the Board of Supervisors was scheduled to discuss the compensation package for the CEO they plan to hire, as required under a new state law enacted in the wake of executive abuses in the City of Bell. Unfortunately, the agenda staff report was blank, and members of the Board of Supervisors did not want to divulge specifics about what they’re planning to offer the new CEO. So all we had to go by were troubling rumors the new CEO would be offered 6 percent more pay than former CEO Tom Mauk and that the 6 percent increase was designed to offset the new CEO’s pension contributions.

Date: 2/26/2013

OCEA IT Town Hall: Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013

Please join OCEA staff and your IT co-workers for an important meeting the County's IT Outsourcing plans. The meeting will take place from noon-1 p.m. Feb. 26, 2013, at OCEA, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana. RSVP to Tim Steed at 714-835-3355 or

Date: 2/25/2013

County CEO selection

As you know, the County has been in search for a new CEO. It appears they have made an offer.

Date: 2/20/2013

IT Outsourcing/Survey update: Feb. 19, 2013

As we informed you in Friday night’s e-mail, we believe the County is attempting to use its “survey” to determine which IT employees it can target for elimination through outsourcing. We also believe that both the objective of outsourcing your job and the method of using a “survey” to facilitate that objective are subject to the meet and confer process. OCEA has requested that the County engage in the meet and confer process regarding the survey but the County has thus far refused to do so. We have thus advised you, and continue to advise you, to resist completing the survey until this meet and confer issue is resolved.

Date: 2/19/2013

IT Outsourcing/Survey update: Feb. 15, 2013

Nick Berardino: "I have been reviewing the County's directions to you regarding the IT outsourcing surveys. Essentially the County wants you to help it contract out your work. Demanding that you complete a survey so they can understand your job better helps the County and the Contractor in negotiating the contract for your job."

Date: 2/15/2013

IT Outsourcing/Survey update: Feb. 14, 2013

Nick Berardino: "Today I received an email from County Human Resources Manager Steve Danley. Below is my response. I know this is a stressful time for you. The County is trying to direct you to participate in the possible elimination of your job. But they won't even meet and confer with OCEA so you can fully understand the real purpose of their "survey."

Date: 2/14/2013

SSO off-duty carry update: Feb. 13, 2013

Nick Berardino: "I want to update you regarding this week’s communications with the department regarding your peace officer status and the off-duty carry issue. Included is an e-mail I received late Monday, Feb. 11, from Lieutenant Miller. In that e-mail he requested that I share with you the department’s position, so I am forwarding his e-mail to you so you are aware of that position. In an effort to give you both points of view, below Lt. Miller’s email you can find my response, which was e-mailed to Lieutenant Miller on Feb. 13.

Date: 2/13/2013

SSO off-duty carry update: Feb. 19, 2013

This afternoon was the hearing on OCEA's motion for a preliminary injunction to restrain the Sheriff from directing SSOs not to carry concealed weapons off duty. After reviewing the papers submitted by both sides, and listening to oral argument, the Court did not reach a decision.

Date: 2/13/2013

IT Outsourcing/Survey update: Feb. 11, 2013

OCEA and the County have been meeting to discuss the potential impacts of their proposed Managed Services Contracts. We expanded our inclusion on Friday to a group of IT employees who were willing to invest their time to establish an Organizing Committee, which will help enhance communication and engagement around this issue.

Date: 2/11/2013

SSOs off-duty carry update: Feb. 11, 2013

It is not often that we send an email that relates to a specific group to all members of the department, but the refusal of the department's leadership to allow SSOs to carry a weapon off duty given the recent circumstances and the statements made by this scumbag cop killer is incredible.

Date: 2/11/2013

SSOs off-duty carry update: Feb. 8, 2013

We have been watching with horror the unfolding news about the at-large gunman going after a hit list that includes law enforcement officials and their families. Given the sensitivity of this situation, we contacted department leadership today and asked if SSOs could be given temporary permission to carry their weapons off-duty until the suspect is captured.

Date: 2/8/2013

Executive accountability in O.C.?

Executive accountability has been virtually non-existent in Orange County government, leading to numerous problems plaguing the County for years. As you know, OCEA has been at the forefront of advocating for executive accountability and transparency. Here is just one small example of our efforts.

Date: 2/6/2013

SSO update on recent memo

As many of you know, during briefing yesterday, a Captain at John Wayne Airport read a memo regarding the County’s position on the Peace Officer status of Sheriff’s Special Officers. Specifically, the memo indicated the County’s intention to follow POST’s position that SSOs are not “duly appointed peace officers” under the Penal Code.

Date: 1/31/2013

Make sure your Super Sunday is union made

While you are enjoying the Super Bowl with family and friends, I hope you take the opportunity to support our brothers and sisters in labor by purchasing union-made products for your parties.

Date: 1/29/2013

Human Resources Centralization

Recently, OCEA Labor Relations Representatives Charles Barfield and Llesena Ontiveras met with representatives from the County’s newly created Human Resources Services Department (HRS) to begin the Meet and Confer process regarding the re-centralization of the Human Resources function for the County of Orange.

Date: 1/25/2013

SSO update: Jan. 22, 2013
We met Thursday with the Sheriff’s Department to continue our discussions regarding the ongoing issue of peace officer status for Sheriff’s Special Officers. This was our first meeting since Aug. 24, as we have been conducting research and waiting for the Department to respond to our requests for information. Date: 1/22/2013

Legacy in Labor: Celebrating 50 years of 'The Dream'

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of action. It’s up to each and every OCEA member to draw from his efforts and carry on his struggle for social justice by standing up to protect working families.

Date: 1/21/2013

Court Letter RE: Sick Leave Payouts
Due to the Court’s significant funding gap, effective June 13, 2013 and until further notice, the Court will suspend the payout of sick leave balances to employees who resign or retire with at least 10 years of service.
Date: 1/17/2013

Gov. Brown's 2013-14 Proposed Budget Review
The Governor said Thursday California faces no budget deficit for the first time since the recession and is now poised to end next year with a surplus, thanks to years of deep budget cuts and billions in new taxes approved by voters last year.
Date: 1/10/2013

RSVP now for OCEA Presents: OCERS Pre-Retirement Seminar Feb. 21
OCEA will host a pre-retirement seminar presented by the Orange County Employees Retirement System from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21. Date: 1/8/2013

OCEA 2012: A Year in Review

We defeated Proposition 32 at the State ballot box and a dangerous City Charter initiative in the streets of Costa Mesa. Throughout 2012, members of OCEA and its affiliate unions answered the call to defend the rights of working families in Orange County.

Date: 12/31/2012

IT Outsourcing update: Dec. 21, 2012

Yesterday, Dec. 20, the County’s CIO, Mahesh Patel, held an “all hands” meeting to provide an overview of the County’s IT managed services plans. Expectedly, many OCEA IT members were in attendance at that meeting. Your OCEA Labor Relations Representatives Llesena Ontiveras and Charles Barfield were also present.

Date: 12/21/2012

OCEA members elect 2013 Board of Directors

OCEA members re-elected all nine incumbents to the OCEA Board of Directors in December. Because OCEA Board member Arlyn Buck, who was up for re-election, left the County during the election, the Board appointed Alicia Hernandez of Child Support Services to fill the vacancy.

Date: 12/20/2012

SSOs off-duty carry update: Dec. 14, 2012

Nick Berardino: "I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday and to update you on our efforts to resolve the issues surrounding your peace officer status and right to carry off duty."

Date: 12/14/2012

Orange County Superior Court ratification results

The votes are in and tallied. The member voter turnout was very, very good.

Date: 12/13/2012

OCERS update: Dec. 7, 2012

In a contentious 5-4 vote sharply divided between appointed and elected Trustees, the OCERS Board of Retirement voted to lower the long-term actuarial investment return assumption rate from 7.75 percent down to 7.25 percent. As a result, your contribution rates and the rates taxpayers contribute into the system will increase beginning July 1, 2014.

Date: 12/7/2012

SSOs off-duty carry

The off-duty carry matter is currently scheduled for hearing on Jan. 15, 2012. We will update you as we approach the scheduled hearing date.

Date: 12/6/2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. All of us have a lot to be thankful for this year. But I am especially thankful for all of you and the great public service you provide. I am thankful for the privilege to serve working families. And I am thankful for the solidarity, kindness and leadership you’ve demonstrated during this challenging year.

Date: 11/21/2012

OCERS seminar on Nov. 27 & 29 will answer your retirement questions

Do you have questions about your pension or planning your retirement? OCERS will be hosting a seminar Nov. 27 and 29 to help. "OCERS—The Questions You've Asked" is scheduled from noon to 1 p.m. on Nov. 27 & 29 in the Board Room at OCERS Hall of Administration, 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd.

Date: 11/20/2012

Superior Court Negotiations update: Nov. 19, 2012

Unfortunately, talks fell apart as we were unable to resolve issues surrounding the Court's desire to make Court Reporters part-time, 35-hour/week employees (reducing their pay by more than 12.5% without guaranteeing payment for benefits beyond next October). We have now asked the Court to enter into a process called fact finding.

Date: 11/19/2012

Positive news about the 2013-14 California Budget

We did it! Because of your hard work and your commitment, we defeated Prop. 32 yesterday and preserved our rights to fight another day. Your hearts and souls won this election.

Date: 11/14/2012

OCFA member update: Nov. 9, 2012

We are facing serious issues in regards to the HMD and CalARP programs. We have expressed our concerns to the OCFA Board of Directors as well as Chief Richter. The District Attorney is currently in the process of auditing OCFA files. We also have concerns regarding this audit process and have written a letter to Chief Richter regarding this. We want to reiterate that your OCEA leadership has raised concerns about the management of the HMD program for quite some time.

Date: 11/9/2012

Important HARP Refinance update for Nov. 10 Foreclosure Workshop attendees

OCEA will host a free Foreclosure Prevention Workshop at OCEA, 830 N. Ross St. in Santa Ana, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Nov. 10. Participating lenders include Bank of America, GMAC, AHMSI, Chase, US Bank and Wells Fargo. Additionally, OCHOPC will also offer a Home Affordable Refinance pilot program for attendees of this workshop who have current mortgages with Bank of America or Wells Fargo.

Date: 11/8/2012

Important message about Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day, and this could not be a more critical election for you and your family. We have been working so hard together to defeat Prop. 32. But none of that will matter unless you go to the polls tomorrow and vote.

Date: 11/5/2012

Children of OCEA members awarded OCEA scholarships

OCEA’s Scholarship Committee awarded Tai Cao of Garden Grove, left, and Thalia Rodriguez of Santa Ana, right, each with $2,000 college scholarships at the August Board of Directors meeting.

Date: 10/31/2012

OCEA Book Review: "They're Bankrupting Us! And 20 Other Myths about Unions"
OCEA Assistant General Manager Jennifer Muir reviews the book "They're Bankrupting Us! And 20 Other Myths about Unions."
Date: 10/31/2012

No on Prop. 32: OCEA election hours

Except in the case of emergencies, staff will not be immediately available to respond to requests until after the election. Instead, we will be dedicated to turn out voters to vote NO on Prop. 32.

Date: 10/30/2012

Superior Court Negotiations update: Oct. 25, 2012

We met today for our final day of bargaining with Orange County Superior Court. We have been bargaining since July and as we previously communicated we were faced with proposals from the Courts that were designed to take away your basic fundamental rights related to layoffs and seniority.

Date: 10/25/2012

Oct. 23 Court reporter meeting

We’ve scheduled another meeting for Court reporters here at OCEA on Tuesday Oct. 23 at 5: 30 p.m. We encourage all Court reporters to attend to discuss our next moves. Dinner will be provided. Our next, only, and final meeting with the Courts is Thursday Oct. 25, 2012, so this will be our last opportunity to discuss our options.

Date: 10/23/2012

RSVP now! Foreclosure Prevention Workshop on Saturday, Nov. 10

OCEA will host a free Foreclosure Prevention Workshop at OCEA, 830 N. Ross St. in Santa Ana, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Nov. 10. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with bank representatives and HUD-approved housing counselors.

Date: 10/23/2012

We did it!

The ballots from the OCERS General Member election have been tallied, and we were successful in blocking Supervisor John Moorlach's attempt to take full control of the OCERS Board. We had a fantastic turnout for this election with 3,946 ballots returned to the Registrar of Voters. I received 3,409 votes, and Moorlach's Chief of Staff, Ian Rudge, received only 537 votes. We won by a 6 to 1 margin!

Date: 10/23/2012

No on Prop. 32: Download Prop. 32 Facebook/Twitter profile photos and more

Links to easy-to-share No on Prop. 32 articles and videos, plus social media profile and cover photo downloads to use on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Date: 10/20/2012

VIDEO: Nick Berardino speaks to you about Prop. 32!

We are all working around the clock to protect your jobs and defeat Prop. 32 on November 6. In this video, I explain why stopping Prop. 32 is so important. If you haven’t already, we’re asking all members who plan to vote No on 32 to sign the online pledge so we know we can count on you to stand with us against this deceptive ballot initiative. Sign the online pledge today!


Date: 10/19/2012

Governor signs SSO legislation

Thanks to the leadership of your SSO executive committee and OCEA, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed AB 2069, which will ensure that the families of any SSO killed in the line of duty will receive some of the same benefits as deputies. AB 2069 would continue health care benefits for the families of fallen SSOs and would grant children of fallen SSOs a free education at California Universities.

Date: 10/16/2012

Vote No on 32: Why we must defeat this deceptive initiative

There will be a reduced staff presence at OCEA headquarters through Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6. All staff will be working to protect your security and the security of your family by defeating Prop. 32. Your OCEA Board of Directors has determined that, except for emergencies, there is no higher priority for OCEA than defeating Prop. 32. If you have not signed a pledge to vote No on Prop. 32, please click here to take the online pledge immediately.


Date: 10/16/2012

Urgent: Deadline approaches to Vote Chris Prevatt for OCERS

Your OCERS ballot should have arrived in the mail. If you still haven’t received your ballot from the Registrar of Voters, please contact Kay Cotton at (714) 567-7606. Time is running out. Please tell your coworkers to join OCERS Retirement Board member Frank Eley and vote for Chris Prevatt today!

Date: 10/14/2012

Urgent: General membership meeting and the threats to your jobs

There is so much at stake this year at the bargaining table and at the ballot. Your jobs, your retirement security, your family’s health care benefits, are all at risk. We can only effectively fight these threats together. And we can only do that if everyone is informed. That is why we are holding an urgent General Membership meeting on Thursday at OCEA’s headquarters.


Date: 10/10/2012

OCFA member update: Oct. 5, 2012

OCEA has an update for members regarding OCFA’s Hazardous Materials Disclosure Program. Follow the link to read a letter from OCEA Assistant General Manager Lisa Major.

Date: 10/5/2012

Did you receive your OCERS ballot yet?

I have heard from several people who did not receive a ballot from the Orange County Registrar of Voters. Keep an eye out for the envelope pictured above—your ballot is inside! If you haven’t received one yet, please contact Kay Cotton from the Registrar of Voters at 714-567-7606.

Date: 10/4/2012

Superior Court Negotiations update: Oct. 4, 2012
Our struggles with the Superior Court continue. We met on Friday, Sept. 28, 2012, and were again shown that the Court has refused to seriously consider any of our proposals. While doing so they have continued to ask for sacrifice from you without showing any willingness to sacrifice themselves. Date: 10/4/2012

OCERS ballots have arrived! Vote Chris Prevatt today!

I hope you'll join me and Vote Chris Prevatt for the OCERS Retirement Board. I am running to represent you on the OCERS Board because I believe in the pension system we have built. My opponent in this election is John Moorlach’s chief of staff. Moorlach has spent his career trying to destroy our pension system and disolve our retirement security.

Date: 9/26/2012

OCFA member update: Sept. 26, 2012

Yesterday, we sent a public records request to the OCFA Board of Directors asking for information related to the Agency’s Hazardous Materials Disclosure Program and issues our membership have raised to OCFA administration for several years.

Date: 9/26/2012

Negotiations update: General membership meeting Oct. 11

OCEA will be holding a general membership meeting Thursday, Oct. 11, that will include a broader discussion about what is happening at the bargaining table. The general membership meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. at OCEA, 830 N. Ross Street, in Santa Ana. Please RSVP to Cathy Yatch at

Date: 9/21/2012

County classification survey

On Aug. 21, 2012, we became aware of a survey County Human Resources Department (HRD) directed all Agencies/Departments to distribute to employees in certain classifications used in that particular Agency/Department. Upon learning of the survey we immediately contacted the County. We were told the purpose of the survey was to obtain the physical, environmental and working conditions associated with the essential duties of various jobs.

Date: 9/20/2012

Eckhoff update: Sept. 19, 2012

From July 27 to Aug. 27, employees and the public continued to occupy or frequent the areas of the buildings known by the Agency to present a health and safety hazard. You can see the letter to the Agency Director containing the information we obtained, which reiterates our request for information about the current safety of the building.

Date: 9/19/2012

Why we must defeat Moorlach's chief of staff

Ballots to elect a general member representative on the OCERS Retirement Board should be hitting your mailbox this week. There are two candidates on the ballot, and your choice between them could not be more clear: I will fight alongside Frank Eley to protect your retirement security, while my opponent is working actively to destroy it.

Date: 9/19/2012

Moorlach and his chief of staff are attacking your pensions

Our fight to protect your pensions is getting even tougher. As you know, Supervisor John Moorlach has enlisted his chief of staff to run for the open general member seat on the OCERS Board. If he's successful, Moorlach will effectively control a majority of the Board members on the OCERS Board. And we all know he has made a career of beating up on public employees and trying to destroy our defined benefit pension system.

Date: 9/14/2012

RSVP now! OCEA Presents: Retirement Planning on Sept. 20

OCEA Presents: Retirement Planning—An Action Plan for the Next Generation will take place from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20, in the OCEA Assembly Room, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana. Please RSVP if possible by emailing OCEA's Cathy Yatch at Free parking is available under the building and lunch will be provided.

Date: 9/13/2012

OCFA General Membership Meeting: Sept. 20, 2012

OCEA is holding a general membership meeting for OCFA members. We will discuss current issues facing OCEA members including your retirement, pension reform and your ability to negotiate for your wages and other terms and conditions of employment.

Date: 9/12/2012

Superior Court Negotiations update: Sept. 12, 2012

On Friday, Sept. 7, 2012, your bargaining team met with the Court for the fifth time regarding proposed modifications to the current MOU. While you may have not been present physically, your voice was heard. Prior to presenting our initial proposal to the Court we spent time telling them how disappointed and angry the bargaining team is with the Court’s unyielding mission during these negotiations to not only cut your take-home pay, but to strip away your rights as an employee of the Court.

Date: 9/12/2012

Why we must protect the pension system we built

At OCEA, we have led the way in pension reform because we believe you should have the ability to invest in your future. We believe that after you’ve worked your whole life, you deserve to retire with some dignity and maintain your position in the middle class. Pensions are the best way to do that. In fact, the defined benefit pension system is historically responsible for building the wealth of retirees in the middle class.

Date: 9/7/2012

New OCEA hours
OCEA and Velece will be closed on Mondays from now until after the November election to accommodate precinct walking and other election-related activities on the weekend. Our staff will continue to work to offer the high-quality representation and services you expect. Be patient with us, as these important election efforts may cause some delays with the other work we do.
Date: 9/5/2012

Eckhoff update: Sept. 4, 2012

We did not think the situation at the Eckhoff site could become worse for employees and the public. The toxic chemical spill at the site, employees suffering from a variety of illnesses and an indifferent and insensitive leadership. Unfortunately, the situation has become more grave. On Friday, as a result of employee vigilance and activism, we learned that the agency has chosen to place the lives of employees and the public in danger by knowingly and willingly allowing employees and the public to inhabit a location contaminated by rat feces.

Date: 9/4/2012

Important message from OCEA's president

OCEA president Robert Gibson asked me to send this very important message to you. Please take a moment to read.

Date: 9/4/2012

A very important Labor Day message

"We as a labor organization will continue to fight for you every day, and we feel honored and privileged to represent you and your families. Have a happy Labor Day. May God bless every working man and woman, and this great country that each of us hold so dear to our hearts."

Date: 8/31/2012

Join OCEA Saturday, Sept. 1, for a Labor Day picnic!
OCEA will join the Orange County Labor Federation at Santa Ana Zoo on Saturday, Sept. 1, for a Labor Day picnic from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Date: 8/30/2012

More information about the Governor's pension reform plan

Many of you have contacted us with questions about the impact of the Governor’s and Legislature’s pension reform on your retirement. The Orange County Employees Retirement System, OCERS, posted some information online about how the reforms will impact plan participants.

Date: 8/30/2012

PSU Executive Committee election in November

Applications will be accepted no later than Oct. 15, 2012. Return applications to in person to Cathy Yatch at OCEA or by email to

Date: 8/30/2012

2013 open enrollment begins Sept. 1, 2012

OCEA will hold the annual open enrollment to allow employees to make changes to Health and Welfare Trust and supplemental benefits elections Sept. 1–30. During open enrollment, you may make permissible changes to your benefits, such as adding or dropping dependents, changing option packages, and—for OCEA members—changes to supplemental benefits.

Date: 8/29/2012

Gov. Brown unveils pension reform
The State will impose trigger cuts of nearly $1 billion after revenues fell short of projections.
Date: 8/29/2012

Help us stop the Costa Mesa Charter
Costa Mesa residents will vote this November on the City Council majority’s proposed charter scheme—a blatant power grab that will allow the Council to conduct widespread outsourcing of City jobs in pursuit of their ideological political agenda.
Date: 8/29/2012

OCEA Health Fair returns Oct. 2, 2012
OCEA’s annual Health Fair, presented by the OCEA Health and Welfare Trust, will return from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 2.
Date: 8/29/2012

Resource: Download first-time homebuyer presentation now!
Download an informational presentation for first-time homebuyers from Orange County Home Ownership Prevervation Collaborative and Neighborhood Housing Services. Date: 8/28/2012

The fight for your Retirement Security begins now!

Just before the filing period closed last week, Supervisor John Moorlach got his chief of staff to join the race. There has never been a clearer difference between my values, as your OCEA-endorsed candidate, and the pension-destroying values of Supervisor Moorlach’s hand-picked aide. There has never been a time where your retirement security is more at risk than in this retirement board election.


Date: 8/28/2012

SSO special meeting recap
We wanted to let you know that we had an excellent turn out at Saturday’s special meeting of the SSOs. More than 80 SSOs came to OCEA to hear the current status of our efforts to address the issues regarding SSOs’ peace officer status and rights that have been raised recently by POST and the Sheriff’s Department. Date: 8/27/2012

Superior Court Negotiations update: Aug. 27, 2012
In our last negotiations update, dated Aug. 21, 2012, we indicated we were adopting a very methodical, strategic and thoughtful approach to our bargaining position. This was due to three big moving pieces which will impact the outcome of these discussions. Date: 8/27/2012

Eckhoff update: Aug. 24, 2012

The Agency continues to fail employees by pursuing an approach based solely on the Agency’s incomplete version of the facts. Not surprisingly, these facts and data about the site have been obtained through testing performed in secrecy. No one was permitted to observe the County’s testing, unlike the soil test ordered by the court. In the meantime, critical questions remain unanswered.

Date: 8/24/2012

Superior Court Negotiations update: Aug. 21, 2012

We have now met with the Court three times and we have consistently shared many concerns.

Date: 8/21/2012

County buildings on toxic sites

NBC aired a story revealing the County’s plan and exposing their failure to act in the best interest of their employees and the public.

Date: 8/17/2012

Your retirement, your future: Fighting for your option to choose

"OCEA and the County have not given up on making this plan available to existing County employees if they so choose, and we have worked with the U.S. Department of Treasury, the IRS and lawmakers to find a solution to this IRS issue. It is this type of innovative thinking I would support and help advance if I am elected to the Retirement Board by you, the members, this fall."

Date: 8/15/2012

County still refuses to evacuate Eckhoff

A number of employees have come forward with questions about whether their health issues could be related to the toxic chemicals discovered at the site. If you have questions or concerns, please contact OCEA Assistant General Manager Lisa Major at


Date: 8/13/2012

OCEA Night Wednesday, Aug. 15, at Memphis

Enjoy discounted drinks and food specials with your OCEA membership card while you get to know your fellow OCEA members.

Date: 8/13/2012

HCA employees lauded for service
Health Care Agency employees/OCEA members were awarded at a July ceremony in the Board Hearing Room at the Hall of Administration for their years of County service. Date: 8/9/2012

Press conference: OCEA calls for accountability

It has been more than a month since the District Attorney arrested Carlos Bustamante, and still, the victims and other women across the County have heard nothing about how the County plans to change the culture that allowed these abuses to continue for so long. To that end, this afternoon we held a press conference announcing that we will be asking Attorney General Kamala Harris to review how the County handled the complaints against Mr. Bustamante and intervene if she believes it would be appropriate.

Date: 8/8/2012

Superior Court Negotiations update: Aug. 8, 2012

OCEA is back at the bargaining table with OC Superior Courts. We had our first meeting for this round of negotiations last Friday, July 13, 2012. We are committed to keeping you updated at every step of this process.

Date: 8/8/2012

Update on discussions: POST and peace officer status
Yesterday, Aug. 7, 2012, your SSO executive committee discussed the various issues with the peace officer specialist attorneys retained by OCEA. Additionally, we have had meetings with Sheriff’s department staff at which we have proposed solutions to address the concerns raised by POST. Date: 8/8/2012

Probation update: Aug. 2, 2012

As you are aware, the County is the midst of a leadership crisis. The County is in need of ethical, responsible, honest, committed and engaged leadership. We find that the need extends to numerous Agencies and Departments throughout the County including the Probation Department.

Date: 8/2/2012

New OCEA newsletter: Your retirement, your future

"I want to serve on the Retirement Board as your Member Representative to combat and challenge these false assumptions designed to destroy the stability of our retirement system that we’ve built over the past 67 years."

Date: 8/1/2012

Retirement election: Vote for Chris Prevatt for the OCERS Retirement Board

As a two-term OCEA Board member, OCEA Treasurer Chris Prevatt understands the responsibility and principles required to help guide Orange County’s largest public employee union. Chris, an HCA employee, wants to provide that same leadership on the OCERS Retirement Board. He will run for an open seat on the board in the November election and needs each and every OCEA member’s vote to help him protect retirement security for all County employees.

Date: 7/31/2012

OCEA in the news

On Friday, a crew from CNN’s “Erin Burnett Out Front” visited Orange County. They interviewed me for OCEA’s take on what’s been happening in the County regarding Tom Mauk's severance package.

Date: 7/30/2012

Helen Nenadal receives award for Costa Mesa efforts
The Orange County Young Democrats honored Helen Nenadal, president of the Costa Mesa City Employees Association, with the Delores C. Huerta Award in July at the annual William Jefferson Clinton Awards ceremony.
Date: 7/27/2012

Update on POST issue: July 27, 2012
OCEA and your executive committee met with the department yesterday afternoon to discuss the ongoing situation with the SSO classification. OCEA has been in discussions with POST about your training and peace officer status. Date: 7/27/2012

County sued for withholding information

The Voice of OC filed a lawsuit against the County of Orange on Friday to obtain a letter sent by Deputy CEO Alisa Drakodaidis, who allegedly has accused County officials of corruption and favoritism in their dealings with Orange County Public Works, and possibly in other County agencies.

Date: 7/23/2012

More allegations regarding sexual harassment at OC Public Works

Today, the Voice of OC published a story about an internal probe into OC Public Works and the many levels of dysfunction the investigation revealed. The report details “cultures of favoritism, poor communication, organizational manipulation, and discrimination that have spawned low morale, distrust and fear within OCPW.”

Date: 7/20/2012

Superior Court negotiations update: July 20, 2012

OCEA is back at the bargaining table with OC Superior Courts. We had our first meeting for this round of negotiations last Friday, July 13, 2012. We are committed to keeping you updated at every step of this process.

Date: 7/20/2012

Update on POST issue

We have filed an action in Superior Court, seeking to reverse the Sheriff’s decision to prevent SSOs from carrying weapons off-duty. The case is now going through the court system, and we do not anticipate any developments for several weeks.

Date: 7/17/2012

Food Truck Thursday raises more than $400
OCEA members and other attendees helped raise $414.25 for United Labor Agency of Orange County in July. Proceeds will benefit underemployed and unemployed families locally.
Date: 7/13/2012

Today's OC Register article

The Orange County Register published an editorial on Sunday about our ongoing negotiations with the County.

Date: 7/12/2012

OCEA fights back in OC Register editorial

The Orange County Register published an editorial on Sunday about our ongoing negotiations with the County.

Date: 7/9/2012

Update from OCEA re: POST issues
We believe the Sheriff exceeded her authority in prohibiting SSOs from carrying weapons off-duty, and we also are in the process of pursuing a legal challenge to that decision. Date: 7/5/2012

Former County executive arrested
Carlos Bustamante, former Orange County Public Works Director of Administrative Services and Santa Ana City Councilman, was arrested Monday for multiple alleged sexual assault-related crimes and theft of public funds that occurred during work hours at the County of Orange. If convicted of all crimes, Bustamante could serve a maximum 26 years and two months in state prison, plus an additional year and nine months in County jail. He also would be subject to lifetime sex offender registration. Date: 7/3/2012

OCEA fights attacks on public employees in OC Register
Sunday’s Orange County Register contained two stories that highlight why it’s so critical we all stay informed as the attacks on public employees continue in the media. Date: 7/2/2012

More toxic contaminat​ion discovered at County worksites
It’s deeply unfortunate that Chair Moorlach would threaten and bully employees in the newspaper at a time when we are trying to work out a collaborative agreement—particularly OCEA who has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to achieve successful reforms. It tells us a lot about character of the elected leadership in this County and about their true motivations. Date: 6/29/2012

OCEA responds to Sheriff's POST memo
A Sheriff’s department memo stated that the POST board has determined that current SSO training “does not meet POST’s Regular Basic Course requirements for peace officers.” As a result, the Sheriff has said SSOs may not exercise the power of arrest, issue citations for misdemeanors, or carry their weapons off duty without first obtaining a CCW. We have immediately turned over this issue to our legal team, which is evaluating our next steps. Date: 6/28/2012

Court layoffs in other counties

Due to the Governor’s proposed $544 million cut to the judiciary the California Judicial System is facing unprecedented financial difficulties. Many courts throughout California have begun to take drastic actions including laying-off employees.

Date: 6/25/2012

Moorlach ignores facts, threatens employees
It’s deeply unfortunate that Chair Moorlach would threaten and bully employees in the newspaper at a time when we are trying to work out a collaborative agreement—particularly OCEA who has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to achieve successful reforms. It tells us a lot about character of the elected leadership in this County and about their true motivations. Date: 6/25/2012

County paralegal receives annual leadership award
OCEA member Jackie Cole, a paralegal at the Public Defender’s Office, was awarded the David Kurtz Servant Leadership Award Tuesday by the Orange County Board of Supervisors.
Date: 6/20/2012

Voice of OC Costa Mesa editorial
OCEA Assistant General Manager Jennifer Muir wrote an editorial about the Costa Mesa City Council's misplaced priorities in Voice of OC on June 18.
Date: 6/18/2012

OCEA recognized as a leader in pension reform
While folks in San Jose and other cities celebrate what they consider a victory in pension reform, they’re patting themselves on the back for something OCEA members (not all County employees, i.e. electeds, executives and managers) advanced almost a decade ago—something we achieved through the collective bargaining process.
Date: 6/11/2012

Possible tuberculosis exposure at RFOTC
It has come to our attention that there was a recent health concern regarding possible exposure to tuberculosis at the RFOTC. OCEA has been in contact with OCFA management as well as the County Health Care Agency (HCA). Date: 6/7/2012

Increase to Court employee retirement contributions

Effective July 13, with the current OCERS rate of 5.08 percent, each employee will see their contribution increase by 2.08 percent. This amount is set by OCERS and is not determined by OCEA or the Court.

Date: 6/6/2012

Nick Berardino responds to Register's Costa Mesa outsourcing editorial
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino responded to that editorial with the truth about the City Council majority’s outsourcing scheme in an article that appeared in Sunday’s newspaper.
Date: 5/29/2012

OCEA will be closed on Tuesday, June 5
OCEA Headquarters at 830 N. Ross St. in Santa Ana will be closed for business on Tuesday, June 5. OCEA staff will be participating in a member to member education program. OCEA will reopen at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 6.
Date: 5/29/2012

OCEA's media brief now delivered daily to your home email!
This weekend we will have the honor and the privilege to celebrate Memorial Day. It is a time when we can look to the heavens and thank all the veterans who have served our great nation. We can particularly honor all the great heroes who gave their lives in service to our Country.
Date: 5/24/2012

California's budget crisis could affect Superior Court

There are a lot of rumors circulating as to what actions will be taken in Orange County and how those actions will impact employees. The Court must meet with OCEA regarding any impacts to our employees’ wages, hours or terms and conditions of employment.

Date: 5/22/2012

As we observe Memorial Day 2012

"This weekend we will have the honor and the privilege to celebrate Memorial Day. It is a time when we can look to the heavens and thank all the veterans who have served our great nation. We can particularly honor all the great heroes who gave their lives in service to our country."

Date: 5/21/2012

State faces $16 billion deficit
The state budget is $16 billion short, and the Governor is proposing a combination of deep cuts and tax increases to fill the void. To make matters even more challenging for OCEA members, all of this political and economic unrest is happening as we negotiate a new contract with the County.
Date: 5/16/2012

Win Knott's Berry Farm tickets from Velece Insurance!

Sign up for an insurance policy with Velece Insurance Corp. between June 1 and July 13, 2012, to be entered for a chance to win one of three pairs of tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm. Drawings will be held on June 15, June 29 and July 16.

Date: 5/14/2012

Probation could face more cuts

The State Coalition of Probation Organizations held a meeting at OCEA in May to update line probation officers and institutional staff on the State budget, AB 109 and other Assembly bills written in support of probation-related issues.

Date: 5/11/2012

VIDEO: Tom Morello performs at 2012 OCLF Solidarity Dinner

Musician Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and The Nightwatchman performed at the 2012 Orange County Labor Federation Solidarity Dinner at Anaheim Convention Center on May 10, 2012.

Date: 5/11/2012

Correctional Health Services budget update
Health Care Agency/Correctional Health Services is seeking proposals from organizations to provide Pharmaceutical Services managed by both the Sheriff’s Department, the Probation Department and to several non-correctional facilities managed by the Social Services Agency and Health Care Agency. Date: 5/7/2012

Eckhoff update: May 7, 2012
In our ongoing efforts to protect the health and safety of employees at the site we submitted a letter on March 23, 2012, on your behalf requesting information relating to the existence of perc. Instead of providing the information and answering questions and concerns raised by employees, the Agency chose to use delay tactics by characterizing the request as falling under the Public Records Act. Meanwhile, employees continued to report to a worksite that sits on a toxic chemical spill.
Date: 5/7/2012

In celebration of National Nurses Week!
These are challenging times for public employees and the difficulties faced by our nurses are often met without true gratification. OCEA thanks you for your incredible work and wants you to know you are appreciated. Date: 5/7/2012

PHOTOS: Fallen officers remembered in Sacramento
For two days each May, Sacramento is somber as thousands descend on the State Capitol to honor the lives of law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty.
Date: 5/7/2012

Orange County contract negotiations begin

The OCEA Bargaining Team began meeting in early April with County officials, including an outside lawyer who they hired to lead the County’s bargaining efforts. Those of you who have kept informed by reading our frequent communications and attending our general membership meeting should be very aware of the challenges we will face this year.

Date: 5/2/2012

It's almost time for the annual SCOPO meeting on May 11!
RSVP by May 7 for this year's SCOPO meeting at at Orange County Employees Association from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 11. Free lunch will be served. Date: 4/27/2012

PHOTOS: District Attorney's Take Your Child to Work Day 2012
Parents and their children toured the D.A.’s office and County courthouse and learned how to take fingerprints at a crime scene in a demonstration by D.A. investigators. Attendees enjoyed lunch at the OCEA Hot Dog Wagon. Date: 4/26/2012

Addressing questions about L.A. Superior Court reductions

Here's a news release regarding Los Angeles County Superior Court’s massive layoffs and reductions.

Date: 4/23/2012

Eckhoff update: April 19, 2012
In our ongoing efforts to protect the health and safety of employees at the site we submitted a letter on March 23, 2012, on your behalf requesting information relating to the existence of perc. Instead of providing the information and answering questions and concerns raised by employees, the Agency chose to use delay tactics by characterizing the request as falling under the Public Records Act. Meanwhile, employees continued to report to a worksite that sits on a toxic chemical spill.
Date: 4/19/2012

SSA ARC update: April 10, 2012
Health concerns have been raised by employees relating to Room 104 at ARC. We learned of these issues for the first time late Friday. The Agency has informed us that the County Health Officer has inspected the facility and based upon those inspections, the Agency has determined the location is safe for habitation by employees. We are not convinced. Date: 4/10/2012

Costa Mesa charter update: April 3, 2012
While this has been a difficult week, it’s important we recognize and celebrate this victory in our efforts to stop the City Council from outsourcing our jobs.
Date: 4/3/2012

Costa Mesa charter update: March 28, 2012
We can’t overlook Tuesday’s court victory, the immense and mounting community support, and our continued solidarity as a City family. We will get through this if we continue doing the best we can, remaining united and being there for each other.
Date: 3/28/2012

Behavioral Health Services staffing summary

Follow the link to download the latest HCA Behavioral Health Services staffing summary.

Date: 3/27/2012

Eckhoff update: March 26, 2012
The Agency conducted a Townhall meeting today, March 26, to discuss the most recent findings of the testing conducted by the County following the discovery of toxic chemicals at the site. What we did learn from the meeting–that testing uncovered multiple toxic chemicals present at the site instead of just one–was even more disturbing and raises even more questions about workplace health and safety. Date: 3/26/2012

March 29 SSO/Coroner membership meeting postponed
The SSO/Deputy Coroner General Membership Meeting originally scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 29, at OCEA has been postponed until further notice.
Date: 3/26/2012

Eckhoff update: March 23, 2012
The Agency continues to ignore our requests to close and evacuate the 840 and 800 Eckhoff buildings. They are not responding to the correspondence sent on your behalf. Date: 3/23/2012

Apply now for the 2012 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship!

Orange County Employees Association will award two $2,000 scholarships in August through the annual Board of Directors Scholarship program.

Date: 3/20/2012

RSVP now for March 29 SSO/Deputy Coroner General Membership Meeting
OCEA will host a SSO/Deputy Coroner General Membership Meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 29 at OCEA. The meeting will provide the 2012 annual update and a bargaining unit update. Date: 3/19/2012

RSVP now for OCEA Presents: How to Rescue Your Home Mortgage on March 28
The seminar, presented by Consumer Credit Counseling Service OC, will discuss topics including: How to assess current finance alternatives; What are the options to save your home; What are the options when you can’t afford to keep your home; the Homeowner preservation program and more. Date: 3/19/2012

Eckhoff update: March 14, 2012
Today the Agency has distributed a memorandum regarding the results of the recent testing indicating that the building is safe to inhabit. In light of the Agency’s refusal to close and evacuate the building as a precaution for employees and the clandestine manner in which the follow-up testing was conducted, we are not surprised by the results. However, we remain steadfast in our efforts to protect employees and the public and reiterate our plea to the Agency to evacuate and close the building. Date: 3/14/2012

Costa Mesa lawsuit update: March 13, 2012
Today, a judge rejected the City’s request to throw out our lawsuit halting the outsourcing and layoffs. We’re now scheduled to go to trial April 9.
Date: 3/13/2012

Eckhoff update: March 5, 2012
As we await the final results of both the County tests and the more comprehensive court-ordered tests, we are thankful that at least testing has begun. However, we are also extremely troubled and disappointed by the Agency’s failure to respond to this issue in a more humane and timely manner. Date: 3/5/2012

Workplace alert update: 840 N. Eckhoff
The County has found toxic chemicals in the soil at Social Services Agency Eckhoff St. building in Orange. Date: 2/28/2012

Public Works site visit schedule
OCEA Labor Relations Representatives will be at various OCPW sites on Feb. 28 and March 6. Date: 2/24/2012

Soil testing to begin at 840 N. Eckhoff
An update regarding issues between OCEA and SSA at the ARC location. Date: 2/17/2012

Important negotiations meeting! Plan to attend.
OCEA will host a General Membership Meeting at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012, at OCEA, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana, to offer members insight as to how OCEA will approach these important negotiations. Date: 2/16/2012

RSVP now! OCEA Presents: County 457 Deferred Comp Program
The seminar, presented by Great-West Retirement Services, will discuss ways to overcome personal finance challenges by learning how to establish a financial plan while navigating the risks and returns of different types of investments. Date: 2/15/2012

SSA ARC update: Feb. 15, 2012
An update regarding issues between OCEA and SSA at the ARC location. Date: 2/15/2012

SSA site visit schedule
Join your fellow co-workers and OCEA Labor Relations Representatives Josh Boudreaux, Jamie Newton and Tim Steed for a SSA site visit. Date: 2/6/2012

Apply for the 2012 OCEA Bargaining Team

OCEA will soon begin negotiating for the next contract with the County. If you would like to participate in negotiations as part of the 2012 bargaining team, please read this message for information and an application.

Date: 2/2/2012

Some good news
Throughout these difficult months, service to the community has remained our number one priority. It hasn’t been easy, but every once in awhile, we see that our efforts are making a difference and the spirit of what makes Costa Mesa great—the true camaraderie between staff and the Costa Mesa community—shines through.
Date: 1/31/2012

Negotiations update: OCEA's editorial in the OC Register
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino wrote an editorial that appeared in the Jan. 29 Orange County Register to set the record straight about your pensions.
Date: 1/30/2012

SSA Data Entry Technician relocation update
Social Services Agency has presented a plan to relocate all Data Enry Technicians to a central location. We have notified the Agency on several occasions that this plan requires thoughtful consideration and the input and feedback from employees who will be impacted.
Date: 1/30/2012

Update on health concerns at Eckhoff building: Judge orders testing
A Superior Court Judge on Jan. 30 ordered the County to allow for comprehensive soil testing at the building.
Date: 1/30/2012

County wants to reduce current employees' pensions
The County intends to reduce pension benefits for current employees during this year’s negotiations. We believe emphatically that it is not even possible to do that.
Date: 1/25/2012

Costa Mesa pension numbers overestimated
According to CalPERS officials, the pension liability number Costa Mesa has been citing is nearly 70 percent larger than the actual amount.
Date: 1/23/2012

RSVP now! OCEA Presents: OCERS Pre-retirement seminar on Jan. 25
OCEA will host our first “OCEA Presents” seminar of 2012 from noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 25, in the OCEA Assembly Room at OCEA Headquarters, 830 N. Ross St., in Santa Ana.
Date: 1/18/2012

Update on health concerns at Eckhoff building
Allowing for testing and moving people out of a potentially toxic site is the very least the County can do to ensure the safety of its employees and the public they serve. It is unconscionable that the Agency has waited so long to act, risking the possibility that even more employees and their children could have become sick while they weighed the legal consequences.
Date: 1/11/2012

The Governor's State Budget at a glance
This year, the State faces a $9.2 billion budget problem and future annual budget gaps of $5 billion or less. The budget proposes a total of $10.3 billion in cuts and revenues to balance and to rebuild a $1.1 billion reserve.
Date: 1/10/2012

OCEA support broadens
The Daily Pilot, which covers Costa Mesa, recently published its list of top 103 newsmakers of the year.
Date: 1/6/2012

Important: Dangerous workplace alert
Despite numerous pleas and a court order, the County continues to refuse to allow adequate testing for toxic chemicals at Social Services Agency building 840 N. Eckhoff in Orange.
Date: 1/5/2012

Meet your 2012 OCEA Board of Directors and Executive Committee
Incumbents held on to their seats in the 2011 OCEA Board of Directors election; a new OCEA Executive Committee is chosen.
Date: 12/21/2011

Holiday reflections
The coming year will bring more challenges, and, like we did in 2011, we will meet them and survive another year of unwarranted and deceitful attacks.
Date: 12/20/2011

Stewards honored at annual OCEA awards ceremony
OCEA celebrated steward achievements in 2011 at our annual appreciation dinner. Date: 12/20/2011

Food Truck Fridays raise $1,650 in 2011
Food Truck Fridays raise money and bring donations for unemployeed families in need.
Date: 12/12/2011

OC Register agrees with OCEA regarding manager pay raises
OC Register published an editorial Dec. 6 which sides with OCEA against manager pay raises recently approved by the County.
Date: 12/7/2011

Managers give themselves pay raises
Supervisors quietly granted Orange County managers a 2.5 percent retroactive merit increase as part of their Pay 4 Performance program, and they did so without requiring that managers begin to pay their fair share toward their pensions, according to Voice of OC.
Date: 12/5/2011

DOWNLOAD: December 2011 California Court Association Minute Book

Download the December issue of CCA's magazine for court employees.

Date: 11/28/2011

Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 29, for Courts CTS/IT members

OCEA will hold a general information meeting with a question and answer session for Courts CTS/IT members at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 at OCEA, 830 N. Ross St., Santa Ana.

Date: 11/28/2011

Good news for CMCEA members

Nov. 23, 2011 update on litigation proceedings against the City of Costa Mesa.

Date: 11/23/2011

Happy Thanksgiving!
A Thanksgiving message from OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino.
Date: 11/23/2011

2012 'OCEA Presents' schedule available now!

View the dates and topics for upcoming 'OCEA Presents' seminars and events.

Date: 11/21/2011

Nick Berardino: 'Outsourcing city services is no panacea'
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino responds in the OC Register to a corporate lobbyist who supports outsourcing public services. Date: 11/21/2011

Critical information regarding the $48 million

View an informative summary regarding the actions taken by the County on Monday, Nov. 14, to withold taxes from the State in order to replace the $48 million taken by the State this year.

Date: 11/15/2011

Update on the $48 million: Nov. 14, 2011
County officials announced today that the County plans to revert back to pre-bankruptcy practices and follow the same guidelines for dealing with tax revenue as other Counties in the state. In doing so, it discovered that the County apparently no longer needs to pass along more than $70 million in tax revenue. Date: 11/14/2011

Final Food Truck Friday of 2011 will feature food drive
The Lime Truck, winner of The Great Food Truck Race 2, will join other notable O.C. trucks at OCEA on Nov. 18 for lunch, a food drive and plenty of prizes up for grabs. Date: 11/9/2011

Pension Initiatives update: Nov. 7, 2011
About two weeks ago, two competing pension ”reform” initiatives were submitted to the Attorney General for Title and Summary significantly scaling back public employee pensions... Date: 11/7/2011

CFS staff rotation update: Nov. 4, 2011

We understand some members have been told about the upcoming Social Worker Rotation before its official release. Our understanding is that the agency plans to implement this policy beginning January 2012.

Date: 11/4/2011

OCEA and Velece closure
OCEA and Velece Insurance will close at 1 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4.
Date: 10/31/2011

Governor releases pension reform proposal

Our initial analysis is that there are some parts of the Governor’s proposal that make a lot of sense, and other parts that may be more problematic. But at this point it is only a proposal, and it is likely to undergo many revisions as it is considered next year by the legislature.

Date: 10/28/2011

AB 109 update: Oct. 26, 2011

OCEA has been urging Orange County Probation to train and develop current staff so there are promotional opportunities and upward movement for existing employees as the department works to address the impacts of AB 109. Instead, the Department has failed to adequately plan for the impacts, as other cities such as San Francisco and San Diego have done.

Date: 10/26/2011

CMCEA v. Costa Mesa litigation update: Oct. 26, 2011

A trial date of April 9, 2012 has been set for CMCEA v. The City of Costa Mesa.

Date: 10/26/2011

RSVP now to attend OCEA's College Fair on Nov. 9
OCEA will host a college fair from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 9 for members and their children. Date: 10/25/2011

OCEA food drive extended through Dec. 16
OCEA will host a food drive from Oct. 24 to Dec. 16 in support of United Labor Agency of Orange County.   Date: 10/20/2011

Members approve Superior Court contract
The tentative agreement between OCEA and the Superior Court for 2011-12 has been overwhelmingly ratified. Date: 10/13/2011

OC Weekly honors OCEA and Repair Costa Mesa
OC Weekly selected OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino and Repair Costa Mesa for separate honors in its annual "Best of OC" publication.   Date: 10/13/2011

PHOTOS: 2011 OCEA Health Fair
View our gallery of photos from OCEA's 2011 Health Fair, which was full of great information, food and fun! Date: 10/5/2011

Voting open on Courts contract
Voting on the Court’s one year contract has started and will end at 5 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 11. We will tally votes on Oct. 12. Date: 10/5/2011

Update on the $48 million: Oct. 4, 2011
The Board of Supervisors voted to adopt the CEO’s recommendations regarding how the County will address the $48 million Vehicle License Fee shortfall for the remainder of the fiscal year. The CEO’s recommendations contain a combination of approaches which should have minimal, if any, net impact to the job security of OCEA members. Date: 10/4/2011

Update on the $48 million: Sept. 29, 2011
In the coming weeks, you will be hearing a lot of information regarding how the County plans to deal with the loss of $48 million during this year’s budget. Date: 9/29/2011

Courts reach tentative agreement
OCEA and Superior Courts have reached a tentative agreement through 2012. Date: 9/27/2011

Superior Court Negotiations update: Sept. 22, 2011

The Court’s consistent message is “we want cost reductions from our OCEA unit members.” Our consistent message is “show us the need for this and help us understand why you are making proposals that would mean money out of our member’s pockets.”

Date: 9/22/2011

Correction for Courts members: Request by the Orange County Register for the release of employee salary information

Courts members have their own process for redaction in Register records requests.

Date: 9/20/2011

Meet and confer regarding library reorganization

OCEA and OCCR Library management are currently engaged in a Meet and Confer regarding the reorganization and re-assignment of library staff.

Date: 9/20/2011

PHOTOS: Repair Costa Mesa hosts picnic for supporters

View photos from Repair Costa Mesa's community picnic in Wakeham Park.

Date: 9/19/2011

Request by the Orange County Register for the release of employee salary information

Names can potentially be redacted from the list with the use of the "Request for Redaction of Name" form available here.

Date: 9/19/2011

Child Support Services Excellence in Public Service award winners: Q3 2011

Five OCEA members from Child Support Services were given Excellence in Public Service Awards in September. The quarterly award was created by OCEA Board Member Phyllis Oudmayer to allow CSS employees to recognize the achievements of their co-workers.

Date: 9/16/2011

OCEA commentary published in Daily Pilot
The Daily Pilot published a commentary by OCEA Communications Director Jennifer Muir regarding the Costa Mesa Council's legal and PR costs. Date: 9/12/2011

State refuses to restore $48 million
The State decides not to restore $48 million to Orange County taken as part of California's budget deal. Date: 9/12/2011

Workshop helps attendees avoid foreclosure
OCEA will host a free Foreclosure Prevention workshop from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Oct. 22. Date: 9/8/2011

Do you need help with 2011 open enrollment?

We will host a seminar with OCEA staff and County representatives from noon to 1 p.m. Sept. 14 to help you with your Health and Welfare Trust and County Medical open enrollment.

Date: 9/6/2011

Fighting for the $48 million update: Sept. 6, 2011
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino provides an update on the $48 million taken from Orange County as part of the State's budget deal. Date: 9/6/2011

PHOTOS: 2011 Labor Day Picnic
View slide shows from the 2011 Labor Day Picnic hosted by OCEA and various other local unions. Date: 9/6/2011

Happy Labor Day from OCEA!
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino wishes all members a happy Labor Day. Date: 9/2/2011

OC Weekly cover story: Costa Messy
OC Weekly covers Costa Mesa layoffs and outsourcing in it's Sept. 1 cover story. Date: 9/1/2011

Fighting for the $48 million update: Aug. 30, 2011
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino and Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Campbell are meeting with lawmakers in Sacramento today in hopes of recovering the $48 million. Date: 8/30/2011

Contract City: New Yorker on Costa Mesa

New Yorker magazine has a story in the Sept. 5 issue about the ongoing battle over outsourcing and layoffs in Costa Mesa.

Date: 8/29/2011

Orange County Public Library restructuring
As you may have heard, OCPL management contacted OCEA about upcoming changes within the library system. Date: 8/26/2011

Fighting for the $48 million
OCEA and County representatives will meet with State legislators on Aug. 29 regarding the $48 million lost in this year's budget. Date: 8/25/2011

Next Food Truck Friday on Sept. 16
Popular food trucks will come to OCEA to fund raise for a local food drive.
Date: 8/25/2011

Presentation: Tips for reducing stress in your life
St. Joseph's Hospital provides tips for stress relief. Date: 8/24/2011

Update: Status of the County's IT outsourcing RFP and the effect on your job
As you know through our previous email communications to you, we continue to address the County’s efforts to pursue outsourcing any internal IT services. Date: 8/11/2011

Labor Day picnic announced!
A Labor Day picnic will be held Sept. 3 at Santa Ana Zoo, featuring food, music, games and free admission to the zoo. Date: 7/27/2011

Podcast: Wills and Trusts
OCEA General Counsel Don Drozd discusses wills and trusts. Date: 7/27/2011

CFS staff rotation

CFS management has moved forward on creating a policy for the rotation of CFS Senior Social Workers within the program.

Date: 7/25/2011

Retirement contribution rates
Some of you will notice a slight increase in your retirement contribution Date: 7/22/2011

County budget update: July 21, 2011

We continue meeting with County officials and legislators regarding how to restore the $48 million.

Date: 7/21/2011

IT update: July 18, 2011
OCEA is looking forward to engaging in meaningful discussions with the County regarding County IT services and the opportunity those discussions provide in demonstrating the importance of current County IT employees to the future of County IT. Date: 7/18/2011

Judge issues order stopping Costa Mesa layoffs
A Superior Court judge has issued an order prohibiting the City of Costa Mesa from laying off City employees pursuant to outsourcing their jobs to the private sector.
Date: 7/18/2011

County budget update: Emergency trip to Sacramento

OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino updates members on an emergency County budget trip to Sacramento.

Date: 7/7/2011

Judge stops Costa Mesa layoffs
A Superior Court judge on July 5 told attorneys she would issue a preliminary injunction precluding the mass layoffs of municipal employees within the City of Costa Mesa.
Date: 7/7/2011

Nick Berardino appointed to OC Fair Board
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino was appointed by the Governor to the Orange County Fair Board.
Date: 7/1/2011

State budget update: June 29, 2011

An update on the new State budget from OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino.

Date: 6/29/2011

State budget update: June 28, 2011

The Governor, Assembly Speaker and Senate Pro Tem held a press conference late Monday night, June 27, where they announced their agreement on a budget State plan.

Date: 6/28/2011

OCEA General Counsel Don Drozd on NBC
He discusses layoffs on the show. Date: 6/27/2011

840 N. Eckhoff Street update: June 24, 2011

Last week we sent a letter to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors demanding that the Agency submit to the inspection and testing of the building at 840 N. Eckhoff Street in Orange due to potential workplace health and safety issues. We conveyed to you in the email that for a couple of years now employees at the location had notified the Agency of health issues. Since the dissemination of that email last week, we have received an alarming number of responses from employees who told us that they too are and have been experiencing unexplainable recurring health issues. They expressed appreciation for the email and the demand to test.

Date: 6/24/2011

Where do we go from here?
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino gives members an update on the State budget.
Date: 6/16/2011

Costa Mesa: An assault on working families
Ongoing updates in the push to cancel the layoffs and outsourcing plan in Costa Mesa. Date: 6/15/2011

840 N. Eckhoff Street update: June 8, 2011

We are extremely disappointed that the Agency has chosen to dismiss the health concerns raised by employees and lumped them into a category he labels “unfounded accusations.”

Date: 6/8/2011

Names of executives with raises released
Voice of OC releases names and raises of County executives and managers.
Date: 5/31/2011

Memorial Day Holiday
This Memorial Day will not be much different than previous Memorial Days.
Date: 5/26/2011

Next Food Truck Friday on June 17
Popular food trucks will come to OCEA to fund raise for a local food drive.
Date: 5/26/2011

Deadline approaches for 2011 OCEA Board scholarship applications

Applications for one of two $2,000 scholarships from OCEA are due at 5 p.m. June 1.

Date: 5/20/2011

County executive greed exposed at last
OCEA has tried to bring attention to numerous abuses regarding promotions and salary increases among the County's executives and managers for years only to fall on deaf ears. Now the truth is out.
Date: 5/19/2011

Budgets: Take a quick breath
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino updates members on the County and State budgets.
Date: 5/17/2011

PHOTOS: Celebrating a victory for our troops
A tribute to the men and women who have served in the war against terror and contributed to the elimination of the leader of Al-Qaeda.
Date: 5/12/2011

OCFA voting underway

OCFA members can vote on a three-year extension offer until 5 p.m. May 9, 2011.

Date: 5/6/2011

Fundraiser for Bea Williams, clerk extraordinaire

A fundraiser will be held May 5 to help defray costs to OC Courts employee Bea Williams, who was recently diagnosed with blood cancer.

Date: 5/2/2011

Pension debate: We will continue to fight

OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino participates in a debate over public employee pensions.

Date: 4/27/2011

Event: Money saving tips

OCEA Labor Relations Representative Llesena Ontiveras will give attendees money-saving tips and tricks.

Date: 4/26/2011

Costa Mesa employees denounce vandalism at Mayor's bar

"We abhor and do not condone such violent actions," OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino said.

Date: 4/17/2011

Next Food Truck Friday on April 22
Popular food trucks will come to OCEA to fund raise for a local food drive.
Date: 4/13/2011

Jennifer Muir on Inside OC with Rick Reiff
OCEA Communications Director Jennifer Muir discusses Costa Mesa layoffs and outsourcing on "Inside OC with Rick Reiff."
Date: 4/4/2011

OCEA member Sharon Gerstein: A legacy in labor

HCA employee Sharon Gerstein talks about the importance of the labor movement during the 100 years her family has been in America.

Date: 4/4/2011

California budget update from Gov. Brown

Read a statement from Gov. Jerry Brown halting budget negotiations.

Date: 3/30/2011

VIDEOS: Repair Costa Mesa
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino gives an update on the situation in Costa Mesa. Date: 3/30/2011

Nick Berardino talks Costa Mesa layoffs on Fox News National
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino was on Fox News National on March 29 to talk about employee layoffs in Costa Mesa. Date: 3/29/2011

Remembering Huy Pham
A tribute to Costa Mesa City maintenance worker Huy Pham. Date: 3/24/2011

Repair Costa Mesa coalition forms against outsourcing
The Costa Mesa City Council’s reckless action to outsource 18 service areas and issue layoff notices to nearly half of its workforce has empowered our brothers and sisters in Costa Mesa and it has empowered us. Date: 3/21/2011

Why won't Costa Mesa's mayor explain why he was at his bar and not at City Hall?

Date: 3/19/2011

Worker's Appreciation Fund for Huy Pham

A Worker's Appreciation Fund has been established in memory of our brother Huy Pham, a dedicated Costa Mesa employee who passed away this week at Costa Mesa City Hall.

Date: 3/19/2011

Be there for each other

It’s with a heavy heart that we write to tell you about the loss of a member of our OCEA family, Costa Mesa City Employees Association member Huy Pham.

Date: 3/18/2011

Something you'll enjoy for a change
An Orange County Register reader wrote a "letter to the editor" to say the paper was giving too much coverage to OCEA.
Date: 3/14/2011

OCEA on Little Hoover report
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino writes in The Orange County Register about the Little Hoover Commission report on public employee pensions.
Date: 3/9/2011

OCEA continues to fight for you in the media
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino responds to Pension Boot Camp in a March 6 Orange County Register editorial.
Date: 3/7/2011

State budget update: Redevelopment
An update from Sacramento about the possible future of redevelopment agencies.
Date: 3/4/2011

IT classification update: March 3, 2011
An update for our members in Information Technology about the classification study.
Date: 3/3/2011

IT classification update: Feb. 28, 2011
Date: 2/28/2011

VIDEO: OCEA fights back
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino appears on Fox Business News to talk about Pension Boot Camp.
Date: 2/25/2011

CFS caseload management

We have received many emails and inquiries pertaining to the parameters and function of the CFS Caseload Management Forum in particular. We encourage you to review the MOU language as it pertains to the Forum below. As the Forum is limited to five (5) employee representatives chosen by OCEA and in order to allow all to have an equal opportunity to participate in this Forum we are asking all who are interested in participating to complete the attached questionnaire.

Date: 2/24/2011

CHS reorganization update: Feb. 24, 2011

CMH and CMS professionals will have an opportunity to talk to the Deputy Agency Director about CHS programs and reorganization.

Date: 2/24/2011

Are you working on your 2010 taxes?
Deduction amounts for your 2010 tax return. Date: 2/18/2011

OCEA in the media: Protecting your rights
OCEA speaks with Fox 11 news on behalf of public employees in reponse to Pension Boot Camp.
Date: 2/18/2011

Pension boot camp for elected officials
Learn how OCEA is defending its members against the Pension Boot Camp, being hosted by the Orange County Republican Party this week.
Date: 2/14/2011

OCEA responds to OC Register attacks
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino responds to two editorials recently printed in the OC Register.
Date: 2/7/2011

VIDEO: Executive perks exposed
Former State Asemblyman Todd Spitzer, Voice of OC Editor in Chief Norberto Santana Jr. and KOCE Reporter David Nazar discuss executive perks.
Date: 2/4/2011

Sen Governance & Finance Realignment Hearing
This morning the Senate Governance and Finance Committee met to discuss realignment.
Date: 2/3/2011

Realignment update: Jan. 31, 2011
The Governor's realignment proposal involves shifting the responsibility for providing certain services from the State to the County.
Date: 1/31/2011

OCEA in the media
Watch a video montage featuring various media appearances by OCEA members and staff.
Date: 1/27/2011

More than 600 members attend critical budget meeting
Over 600 OCEA members attended a meeting at Main Place mall to discuss state and county budget impacts.
Date: 1/26/2011

Nick Berardino on Inside OC with Rick Reiff
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino participated in a panel discussing O.C. politics in January.
Date: 1/19/2011

Critical membership meeting Jan. 25
Orange County Employees Association will hold a meeting on Jan. 25 to discuss how state and county budgets will impact our members.
Date: 1/18/2011

County budget director talks financial plan

County Budget Director Frank Kim speaks to OCEA stewards about the county's financial plan.

Date: 1/10/2011

County executive pay increase
Orange County executives recieved a 5 percent pay increase this month while the county's budget is predicted to be $100 million short.
Date: 1/10/2011

Governor Brown’s Budget Slashes State Spending by $12.5 Billion
Sacramento – Governor Jerry Brown will release a balanced state budget today...
Date: 1/10/2011

OCFA update: Jan. 7, 2011
A quick update to let you know that at a special meeting scheduled for January 13, 2011 at 6:30pm, the JPA Board will be addressing the agreement between OCEA and OCFA...
Date: 1/7/2011

Your leadership pays off
The county has formed a working group that is officially exploring whether it's feasible to develop child care centers close to your workplace..
Date: 1/7/2011

PSU Executive Board Election Results
Results of the election for Probation Services Unit Executive Board members.
Date: 1/6/2011

Inauguration Event Update
Yesterday, you participated in a historical moment as a co-sponsor to one of Gov. Jerry Brown’s inauguration events.
Date: 1/4/2011

OCEA hot dog wagon at Governer's inauguration
OCEA's legendary hot dog wagon will be serving the people at Gov. Jerry Brown's inauguration.
Date: 12/30/2010

Standing tall in 2011
A message from OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino reminding members to hold their heads high, even in tough times.
Date: 12/30/2010

AB 3632 update: Dec. 21, 2010

Last month the Governor suspended funding for programs supported by AB3632, which mandates providing mental health services to students as part of an IEP. At the time, the Health Care Agency indicated that it is not in a position to fund the program moving forward. OCEA recently met with employees who could be impacted because of the loss of funding. During the meeting last week, the Health Care Agency discussed a plan to reassign affected employees to funded positions.

Date: 12/21/2010

Holiday greetings
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino's holiday message to members.
Date: 12/21/2010

Jewelry sale to benefit food bank
New York jewelry designer Meghan Patrice Riley will sell items at OCEA HQ on Thursday with 15 percent benefitting ULAOC food bank.
Date: 12/21/2010

VIDEO: State budgets
OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino responds to Supervisor John Moorlach in the Orange County Register and "60 Minutes" airs a segment on extreme state budget woes.
Date: 12/20/2010

Stewards turn out for dinner and awards
OCEA stewards, board members and staff celebrate the holidays with an awards dinner.
Date: 12/17/2010

County proposes huge compensation and benefit cuts
Check out the salary and benefit cost reduction measures that County Supervisors adopted yesterday as part of their five-year strategic plan.
Date: 12/15/2010

Vehicle License Fee Update
A temporary .15 percent increase of the State Vehicle License Fee, which funds local law enforcement programs, is scheduled to end June 30, 2011.
Date: 12/15/2010

John Moorlach's strategy for your retirement
<p>An editorial written by Supervisor Moorlach shows his suggested strategy for the future.</p> Date: 12/13/2010

HCA Budget Reductions
As you may be aware, funding for programs supported by AB 3632, the mandate that made it a legal requirement to provide mental health services to students as part of an IEP, was recently suspended by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger...
Date: 12/10/2010

Fed Chairman Bernanke on the economy
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke addressed the nation on 60 Minutes to talk about the economy.
Date: 12/6/2010

Food drive raises $500
OCEA members donated seven boxes of food to United Labor Agency of Orange County while food trucks contributed $500 to the cause.
Date: 12/6/2010

Important Vote Dec 8
OCFA has completed negotiations with both Local 3631 and the Chief Officers Association. Details of their agreements will be...
Date: 12/2/2010

Institutional Health Services LVN 3/12 schedules update: Dec. 1, 2010
As you know it has been approximately one week since the proposed 3/12 schedule was presented to you.
Date: 12/1/2010

IT classification study update: Dec. 1, 2010
As you are all well aware, we have been aggressively urging the County to take a more thoughtful and measured approach to County IT strategic planning.
Date: 12/1/2010

State Budget
Stories in the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register this weekend paint the same dismal picture for California’s financial future.
Date: 11/30/2010

All Henry wants for Christmas is snow

Cheer on Henry, the son of an OCEA staffer, in his quest for a white Christmas.

Date: 11/29/2010

Food truck food drive Friday

Popular food trucks will come to OCEA to fund raise for a local food drive.

Date: 11/29/2010

Special Membership Meeting December 1, 2010
Orange County Fire Authority
Date: 11/19/2010

Low-cost adoption available through the County
Learn how child adoption through the County benefitted three local Fullerton kids.
Date: 11/16/2010

OC GOP intensifies attack on public employees
Read about the latest attack on public employee unions.
Date: 11/9/2010

Pension update: Nov. 5, 2010
Read about updates regarding the hybrid pension plan.
Date: 11/5/2010

Third jail surveillance class graduates
Twenty-three men and women complete OCSD Correctional Services Assistant training.
Date: 11/5/2010

OCEA speaks to KOCE about lobby reform
Learn how child adoption through the County benefitted three local Fullerton kids.
Date: 11/4/2010

OCEA Responds To OC Register Attack on Employees
Enough is enough. As you know OCEA has consistently responded to attacks by the OC Register...
Date: 10/18/2010

Election volunteer opportunities
This election season is critical for public employees...
Date: 10/14/2010

Retirement Board Election
OCEA endorses Frank Eley for the Orange County Employees Retirement System board . . .
Date: 10/8/2010

October 5, 2010 OCEA Health Fair from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Representatives from various health organizations will attend the OCEA Health Fair to help educate and provide free...
Date: 9/30/2010

Nick Berardino challenges Mauk on executive pay
Date: 9/28/2010

Institutional Health Services Update

This morning we met with county executives and Ron Norby ...

Date: 9/1/2010

Take a stand against OC Water District offer

In an overwhelming show of solidarity, The Orange County Water District Employees Association voted 99-3 this week . . .

Date: 8/27/2010

OCEA Newsletter

Join OCEA’s team for the Susan Komen Race for the Cure and find out about our featured ticket sales of the week in the latest edition of OCEA’s E-Newsletter.

Date: 8/19/2010

CSA update: Aug. 18, 2010

The Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs (AOCDS) plans to ask a judge tomorrow to intervene in the implementation of schedules at Theo Lacy Jail Facility. This action relates to the CSA and Deputy Sheriff schedules and assignments.

Date: 8/18/2010

Little Hoover Commission

The new hybrid pension option OCEA recently negotiated with the county is getting attention across the state . . .

Date: 8/18/2010

Important Budget Information

Please take a moment to read the important summary below...

Date: 8/4/2010

Probation update: Aug. 3, 2010

Today members of your PSU and PSMU executive committees met with the County CEO Tom Mauk.

Date: 8/3/2010

OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino Receives César E. Chávez Award

On May 22, 2010, OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino was honored by the Orange County Labor Federation.

Date: 6/7/2010

Register Vilifies Employees

read more ...

Date: 5/3/2010

Retirement Contribution Rates

read more ...

Date: 4/29/2010

Home Aid

read more ...

Date: 4/23/2010


Announcing the Launch of Voice of OC

Date: 4/6/2010

OCFA mid-year budget meetings

For OCFA Members Only...

Date: 2/26/2010

Judicial budget update: Feb. 25, 2010

Judicial Budget update...

Date: 2/25/2010

CSA Recruitment (Probation)

Probation Department layoffs update...

Date: 2/8/2010

Layoff Update (OC Sheriff's Dept)

Sheriff's Department layoffs update...

Date: 2/8/2010

Institutional Services Transition Plan update (Probation)

As you know, PSU and PSMU members, including members of the PSU and PSMU Executive Committees, and OCEA representatives met with the Probation Department yesterday...

Date: 2/2/2010

Probation Department Insitutional Services Transition Plan update: Feb. 1, 2010

Today the Probation Department management presented their Transition Plan for Institutional Services...

Date: 2/1/2010

Probation budget reduction update: Layoff notices

We met with the Probation Department and the County regarding layoffs. We concluded the meeting disappointed that any employees are being laid off and frustrated in the continuing lack of leadership from the department and the County.

Date: 1/22/2010

Layoff Notices On Their Way (OC Sheriff's Dept)

Today we met with the department and the County regarding the layoffs...

Date: 1/21/2010

Update on Assessor and Clerk of the Board Furloughs (Assessor & Clerk of the Board)

We met for the second time this afternoon. This week, the Clerk of the Board  ...

Date: 1/21/2010

Important Layoff Information (OC Sheriff's Dept)

read more ...

Date: 1/15/2010

Information Regarding Furloughs (Assessor & Clerk of the Board)

read more ...

Date: 1/15/2010

Important Layoff Information

Sheriff's Department layoffs update...

Date: 1/6/2010

Urgent Notice Regarding Proposed Furloughs

Urgent Notice for Assessor Office Employees...

Date: 12/21/2009

Urgent Message

the County intends to temporarily suspend the earning of comp time by employees...

Date: 12/11/2009

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