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Political Action Committee

What is OCEA PAC?

Today, more than ever before, it is important that OCEA’s members be involved politically. Our organization supports candidates and issues which have an impact on the livelihood of our members. We don’t tell our members how to vote, but sometimes our Political Action Committee (PAC)—or occasionally OCEA, through our elected Board of Directors—will recommend that our members give serious consideration to voting for a certain candidate or proposition.

Our OCEA Political Action Committee is made up of all members of OCEA (except those who have opted out). The OCEA PAC is governed by an eleven-member Executive Committee made up of OCEA members who are employed by the County of Orange.

The Committee supports candidates for state and local offices who support public employee interests. The Committee meets once monthly, on the second Monday of the month, and meets more often during election periods.

We are also involved in political action by way of OCEA’s founding membership in the United Employee Organizations of Orange County. The UEOOC is an organization of five unions representing employees of the County of Orange, and it has its own independent-expenditure political action committee.

Members pay $1.60 per pay period for political action. Most of this goes into the independent-expenditure PAC of the United Employee Organizations of Orange County, while about 26 cents goes to our own OCEA PAC.

Our PAC is a major influence in support of elected officials and candidates who are aligned with our desire for good government, as well as our support of both the public at large and the employees who are responsible for serving them.


OCEA Political Action Committee Executive Board

Jennifer Morgan, Chair

Superior Court

Jennifer is employed in the Superior Court as a Superior Court Clerk II. She has been employed in the Court since 1999, and she joined OCEA immediately after being hired. Jennifer is closely involved in OCEA activities as one of our Court members.

Henry Leber, Vice Chair

Sheriff-Coroner Department

Henry, a Sheriff’s Special Officer II at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, was hired in 1990. He joined OCEA in 1996, becoming a steward in 2008. He currently serves as chair of OCEA’s Peace Officer Protection League and secretary of the SSO bargaining unit.

Lezlee Neebe, Secretary

Superior Court

Lezlee is a Court Clerk III in the Superior Court. She was hired by the Courts in 1992, has been an OCEA member since 1992, and has been on the OCEA Board of Directors since 1995. Lezlee is currently serving as OCEA President. Lezlee has also served as OCEA Insurance Officer, Insurance Chair, and Newspaper/Communications Chair, and as a member of the Bylaws Committee, the Budget Committee, and the Special Events Committee. Lezlee has been an OCEA Steward since 1994. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the OCEA Health and Welfare Trust. Lezlee has been a member of many OCEA bargaining teams.

Chris Prevatt, Treasurer

Health Care Agency

Chris is a Program Supervisor I (Health Care Agency). He was was hired in 1997 by the County of Orange, and he has been an OCEA member since 2000, and is a current Steward. He is a recipient of the 2006 OCEA President’s Award for extraordinary service to OCEA.

Russell Baldwin

Sheriff-Coroner Department

Russell, a Senior Forensic Scientist at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, was hired in 1990. He joined OCEA the same year, becoming a steward from 1998 to 2007, and again in 2013. He was a Board member from 1997 to 2007, and again in 2013. He is a member of OCEA’s legislative and retirement committees. He has been a member of many OCEA bargaining teams, and is a recipient of OCEA’s President’s and Perfect Attendance awards. At his agency, Russell was a member of the OCSD Labor Management Committee during its lifetime and organized successful inequity adjustments for forensic scientists. Russell also served as a general elected member of the Orange County Employees Retirement System Board from 2004 to 2012.

Bill Daher

Sheriff-Coroner Department

Bill is employed in the Sheriff-Coroner Department, where he works as a Forensic Scientist III. Bill has been an OCEA member since 1989. Bill has made great contributions to OCEA as a member of the PAC Executive Board.

Teresa Garcia

Health Care Agency

Teresa is a Clinical Social Worker II at Health Care Agency. She was hired by the County in 1999 and became an OCEA member the same year. She is an active steward. Teresa has participated on the OCEA Bargaining Team, phone banking, Health Fair and OCEA Facebook page.

Ryan Ramos

Health Care Agency

Ryan is a Research Analyst IV for Health Care Agency. He was hired by the County in 2006 and joined OCEA the same year. He has been on the Board of Directors since 2012. Ryan is an active steward and has been on OCEA’s Retirement Committee since 2010 and OCEA's Political Action Committee since 2011.

John Sincock

CEO/Risk Management

John is a Safety and Training Officer at CEO/Risk Management. He was hired by the County in 2002 and became an OCEA member in 2003. He is an active steward.

Pamela Waters

Orange County Public Library

Pamela, a Secretary II at Orange County Public Library, was hired in 1987. She joined OCEA in 1988, becoming a steward the same year and a Board member in 1993. She has served as a trustee of the Health & Welfare Trust, since its inception, and is also a member of OCEA’s budget & finance, catastrophic employee leave, communications, legislative, retirement and scholarship committees. She has been a member of many OCEA bargaining teams and is a Health Fair volunteer.

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