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About Us

Orange County Employees Association (OCEA) is the largest independent public-employee labor union in Orange County, Calif. We represent 18,000 public employees in their collective bargaining with public agencies.

Founded in 1937, our organization is directly responsible for many of the benefits negotiated by public employees throughout the County of Orange, and the commitment of our members has gained recognition throughout the state. Although the association was small at first, it has grown and evolved into a strong organization that provides a great deal to its membership.

When most people think of OCEA, they immediately think of our members employed by the County of Orange or Superior Court, but we also represent employees of many cities and special districts throughout the County.

Improvements in benefits and working conditions

OCEA works hard to maintain and improve salaries, benefits and working conditions for public employees in Orange County.

Improvements negotiated by OCEA for County employees include biweekly pay; disability leave of absence; procedures establishing and protecting employee rights in disciplinary matters; retiree medical insurance; and more.

Additionally, OCEA is committed to providing a wide range of programs which help members’ dollars go farther and make life outside of work more enjoyable. We offer discounts on attractions and special events and discounts from local merchants. We also serve our members is through Velece Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OCEA. Velece is dedicated to offering quality insurance (car, home, boat, etc.) at low prices.

Volunteer leaders

OCEA owes a debt of gratitude to our volunteer leaders. The knowledge and actions of our volunteer leadersincluding our members, stewards and Board membersis the foundation of OCEA’s independence and strength.

They believe that working together with managers, supervisors and fellow employees is the most effective way to gain benefits for employees.OCEA has followed this course of action whenever possible. When necessary, though, our members have not hesitated to stand together in picketing, demonstrations and other shows of solidarity.

Professional staff

OCEA has a full-time, professional staff of skilled personnel capable of aiding OCEA’s members in the most difficult and sensitive situations. Our staff includes attorneys, labor relations representatives, communications specialists, insurance agents and office services support.

Always moving forward

We started in one room in an old house and eventually constructed and our own headquarters, which we own. We began by offering our members representation and a single term-life insurance policy to becoming a strong, united organization that provides a wide range of programs and services to our members.


Mission & Vision

Mission: To advance the welfare and security of Orange County local government employees and their families.

Vision: To be a recognized leader among labor organizations, playing a vital role in the lives of local government employees and their families.


Guiding Principles

1. Four Keys to Success:
· Service
· Member Involvement
· Communication
· Visibility

2. Courtesy, respect, and dignity towards others

3. Positive outlook

4. Commitment to progress

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