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OCEA Media Brief: April 26, 2012


County of Orange: Board of Supervisors agenda—May 1, 2012

Voice of OC: Does Orange County want to dig another hole for itself?
More than a dozen years after county officials ordered the filling in of a five-acre flood control basin in an industrial neighborhood in Orange, they are partnering with the Orange County Water District to dig it again. At least they were. Earlier this month, the Orange County Board of Supervisors delayed consideration of a $3-million deal to excavate the basin while they consider whether it makes sense to work with the water district and whether the dirt from the fill can be used on other county projects.



Voice of OC: Community Editorial (Tefere Gebre)—OC Labor Federation stands behind janitors
“Some twenty-three years ago, somewhere in the heart of Century City in Los Angeles, a new labor movement was born. But unlike most movements, this one was special in that it began by and has been sustained by working class, immigrant workers. And like most movements that are born out of injustice, the Justice for Janitors campaign swept through Orange County and the region.”

Liberal OC: OC unions to stand with janitors
On Thursday, April 26 at noon, unions representing 150,000 working men and women throughout Orange County are expected to pledge support to SEIU’s United Service Workers West Orange County area janitors in the event of a strike.


OC Fair

A Bubbling Cauldron: Fair board meeting Thursday
Fair board meeting preview.



Mother Jones: Occupy’s big stakes on May Day: Relevance
On the first of May, the Occupy Wall Street movement hopes to leverage the labor holiday known as May Day and muster enough people power to blockade the Golden Gate Bridge—assuming, that is, that striking bridge workers take the lead. "We can't do an action for them; we have to do the action with them," says Lauren Smith, a spokeswoman for Occupy Oakland. An union organizer for the bridge workers had no comment on their plans, but alluded to something big: "Our actions are going to speak louder than words."


OCFA/Santa Ana

Voice of OC: Preserving the legacy of Santa Ana’s firefighters
As of last week, the 128-year-old Santa Ana Fire Department has ceased to exist, marking the end of one of the oldest firefighting institutions in Orange County. But the department's history will remain alive and on display at the Santa Ana Fire Department Museum, a collection of photographs, murals and decades-old equipment that chronicles the department's century-long evolution.

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