November 7, 2017

Orange County

OC Register: Orange County to finalize plan for Great Park condo, retail development as Irvine threatens lawsuit

Orange County is set to finalize its plan to develop 108 acres just south of the Great Park into a massive commercial and residential complex – a move that could initiate a legal showdown with Irvine, where officials claim it could prevent the development of a public amphitheater, museum and other facilities.


Voice of OC: Three OC cities contract with Irvine firm 5 Bars to keep control of wireless transmitters on street lights

The transmitters are about the size of a shoebox and the supporting equipment boxes could be as large as a refrigerator. Action by the cities is in response to a recently proposed state law allowing wireless companies to put transmitters on any street lights, poles or traffic lights with little input from cities.


OC Register: Film critics won’t consider Disney films for awards until studio rescinds LA Times ban

Four groups of film critics announced today that they would not consider any Disney film for year-end awards until the Walt Disney Co. rescinds its retaliatory decision to bar Los Angeles Times writers from advance screenings of Disney movies.


OC Register: Could you live in 475 square feet? These Old Towne residents say micro-dwelling is ‘liberating’

The cottages, which have air conditioning and heating, rent for about $1,500 per month. At about $3 a square foot, Siler said, the rent is on par with other pricey areas embracing the micro-housing trend. A CNN story recently cited apartments of less than 400 square feet in San Francisco renting for around $1,700.



OC Register: State officials: GOP tax proposal would gut affordable housing

“This is definitely a red alert for California,” said Matt Schwartz, president and CEO of California Housing Partnership, a San Francisco-based nonprofit housing organization. “The time is now for anybody who cares about our continued ability to produce affordable rental homes to engage.”


OC Register: Some say access to internet is so crucial, it is a human right

“In other countries, we’ve seen authoritarian regimes use their ability to turn off the internet as a way to stop rivals or critics,” said Phillip Berenbroick, senior policy counsel for the Washington, D.C., advocacy group Public Knowledge.


Publication Date: November 7, 2017