October 26, 2017

Orange County

Voice of OC: OC Fire Authority plans outside investigation of Canyon Fire 2 response

Orange County supervisors, who set the rules for helicopter search and rescue in the county, were asked by both agencies in August to appoint a mediator to resolve the dispute. But a narrow majority of supervisors blocked that request.


Voice of OC: Anaheim Police Chief receives $750,000 settlement in exchange for resignation

The settlement was to resolve a claim by Quezada of “intolerable” working conditions in the department caused in part by allegations from a police captain that Quezada took more vacation days than he reported, allegations that Quezada said were payback for reporting misconduct by the captain.


OC Register: Will the demise of the Eastern Gateway at Disneyland be a death blow for businesses on Harbor?

Far from providing a win for the Harbor Boulevard community, Disney’s decision to turn away from its eastern face might become the death blow for some businesses on that street.


OC Register: Santa Ana, Garden Grove to discuss redevelopment options for Willowick Golf Course

Willowick, on 5th Street adjacent to the Santa Ana River, was built in 1928. Garden Grove bought the golf course that sits in Santa Ana in 1964. Since then, the city has leased the land to a private company to run the 18-hole course.



Labor 411: Fright to Work: Five awful “Right to Work” moments of 2017

Lots of examples including this one: A state appeals court ruled in September that state’s “right to work” law is not an unconstitutional taking of property from unions. The decision overturned a lower court ruling that the law was unconstitutional.


Economic Policy Institute: The Supreme Court has a chance to restore a critical right to women at work

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on October 2 in Murphy Oil v. NLRB. In this case, the Court will decide whether workers should have to sign away their rights to take their employers to court, just to obtain, or keep, their jobs.



LA Times: California Republicans say raising gas taxes is a bad thing. GOP politicians in some red states don't agree

Republicans in red states recently have accepted the uncomfortable truth that fuel taxes need to be raised to pay for repairing dilapidated highways and making life easier for motorists.


Publication Date: October 26, 2017