September 28, 2017


Chicago Tribune: U.S. Supreme Court to take up union fee case first sparked by Rauner

Now with the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch, the court's ruling in the Illinois case could deal a major blow to public-sector unions nationwide if he sides with the conservative justices who were in favor of doing away with the unions' system.


Orange County

Voice of OC: Supervisors postpone decision on control of Human Relations Commission

The change to the Orange County Human Relations Commission governing rules was proposed by Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Michelle Steel and SupervisorAndrew Do, who sought to de-fund the commission’s staff in June.


Voice of OC: Former Spitzer staffer to receive $150,000 settlement over labor law violation

Christine Richters, who worked for Spitzer at his county office for three and a half years, filed a lawsuit against the county in March alleging Spitzer had a “raging temper” toward his staff and required them “to be on stand-by 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to respond to any text message” he sent them.


Daily Pilot: A departure path of less resistance might be coming to JWA

Other objectives include protecting a longstanding agreement that caps the number of yearly passengers, enforces a curfew and limits the number of the loudest flights.


OC Register: Fountain Valley residents voice complaints and police talk strategy at town hall on homelessness

Before a standing-room-only gathering of about 200 residents, police Chief Kevin Childe promised to “make things right” for homeowners and renters who live near a large homeless encampment that has sprung up next to the Santa Ana River in the northeastern portion of the city.



OC Register: How sky-high housing costs make California the poorest state

But notably, while California’s supplemental poverty rate has remained significantly above the national average in recent years primarily because of housing costs, in absolute terms the state is actually in better shape than it was in the early 1990s, when more than one in four Californians lived below the poverty line.


OC Register: Southern California building boom is so big, construction hiring tops the nation

Construction bosses in Riverside and San Bernardino counties added 15,800 jobs in the 12 months ended in August, up 17 percent. The Inland Empire had the largest increase in construction work of any metro area in the nation.


Publication Date: September 28, 2017