September 15, 2017

Orange County

Daily Pilot: Mesa Water takes another step toward increasing rates up to 5% a year for 5 years

Ratepayers would see increases both in the cost of the amount of water they use and the fixed charges they pay for their meters, according to a rate study the board reviewed Thursday.


Voice of OC: Orange County takes responsibility for dead body mix-up

The county has received three legal claims relating to the misidentification of the remains, which actually were those of John Dean Dickens. According to the Orange County Register, Frank M. Kerrigan – the man family members thought they were burying - was later found alive in Stanton, on the porch of one of the pallbearers from his mistaken funeral.


Voice of OC: DA prosecutor files federal lawsuit against County, DA

Karen Schatzle claims DA Tony Rackauckas has “engaged in a unlawful pattern and practice of squelching dissent and free speech among his employees” and engaged in “job retaliation against his employees who have had the temerity to bring unlawful practices in the OCDA’s office to public attention.”


Daily Pilot: Huntington Beach residents say excessive airplane noise is hurting their quality of life

“You can hear it through the house, even when all the doors and windows are closed,” said Kent Farnsworth, 75, who has lived in the same home on Tomas Lane for more than 50 years.


Daily Pilot: 400 Spectrum Center opens, becoming O.C.'s tallest office building

The 323-foot high, 21-story edifice, gleaming with floor-to-ceiling Viracon glass and wrapped in linen-finish stainless steel, is now Orange County’s tallest office building. Its sister structure, 200 Spectrum Center, which opened in February 2016, is just a few inches shorter.


LA Times: California lawmakers approve new rules for rolling out 5G cellular systems, but local governments remain oppose

Lawmakers gave final approval Thursday to new rules for how "small cell" high-speed cellular equipment will be installed in communities across California, even as local government officials warned the move will strip them of making choices tailored to their communities.



Cal Labor Fed: California Labor Federation Commends Legislature for Passing Groundbreaking Prescription Drug Measure SB 17

No one should ever have to choose between paying rent and affording lifesaving drugs. Yet that’s the choice far too many Californians face on a daily basis.



LA Times: State lawmakers advance major housing bills, including a $75 fee on refinancing

Legislators in the Assembly passed Senate Bill 2, a $75 fee on mortgage refinances and other real estate transactions except for home and commercial property sales. The measure is expected to raise $250 million a year to help finance new and rehabilitated developments for low-income residents.


Publication Date: September 15, 2017