September 12, 2017

Orange County

OC Register: Orange County Sheriff patrols of riverbed homeless begin Friday

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies on Friday will begin patrolling the populous homeless encampments that span at least five cities along the Santa Ana River after county supervisors approved the plan at their meeting Tuesday, Sept. 12


Voice of OC’s Santana: OC contract cities rebuke County supervisors over spiraling Sheriff costs

“Over the last ten fiscal years, costs charged by the Sheriff have increased on average by 33%, with approximately 26% of the increase occurring in the last five years,” reads a Memorandum of Understanding being considered publicly by contract cities this month.


OC Register: Anaheim to consider declaring state of emergency for homeless who are living on riverbed trail

The seven-member council could take action on the polarizing homeless situation that has divided residents, homeless advocates, and city and Orange County leaders grappling with how best to address the problem.


Daily Pilot: Costa Mesa planners delay action on proposed new rules for ‘granny flats’

The proposed rules would permit granny flats — smaller, complete homes that accompany a primary residence — on more compact lots and in different types of neighborhoods than currently allowed.



Cal Labor Fed: When public service becomes a divine calling

Alex Hamilton knew this wouldn’t be a quick fix as a caller described major problems with her public utility. By the time he got downtown his shift would be over, and his employer wasn’t going to pay him overtime. He could’ve refused to help the caller, but that’s not him..


Law 360: NLRB says Tesla suppressed union campaign

NLRB Region 32 Director Valerie Hardy-Mahoney alleges the company tried to head off a United Auto Workers organizing campaign by surveilling workers as they passed out union leaflets, stopping workers from leafleting, and maintaining confidentiality policies that interfere with workers’ rights to organize.


Publication Date: September 12, 2017