September 8, 2017

Orange County

OC Register: Orange County Sheriff plans to increase patrols of riverbed homeless

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department plans to increase patrols of the Santa Ana River and the homeless people who live there following complaints from advocates, neighbors and politicians that a lack of police supervision has allowed crime to fester unchecked.


LA Times: Caught up in the Equifax hack? Here's one thing you can do to protect yourself

Equifax customers should request a credit freeze from all three major credit bureaus to ensure hackers behind a massive data breach can’t exploit their stolen information, a leading consumer advocate group said Friday.


OC Register: 100 decibels: Residents report increased noise from new airline flight paths

Online petitions as well as standing room only turnouts at numerous community meetings reveal that thousands of people feel the same way. Residents report they can’t hear their televisions, can’t speak on the telephone and that sleeping is a nightmare.


OC Register: Donald Bren at Irvine Company makes rare, public pitch for Amazon’s 2nd headquarters

Donald Bren, the owner and chairman of the Irvine Company issued a rare statement Thursday after Amazon said it was on the hunt for another base of operations in North America.



OC Register: Previous salary? Soon, the question might be illegal

Intrusive? Harmless? No matter — the question soon could be illegal in California. And its demise would be applauded by many women who say that basing salaries on prior compensation means discrimination can follow them from job to job.



Voice of OC: Don’t let Edie’s death from valley fever be in vain, her sister pleads

People can lower the risk of developing valley fever by wearing a mask if working outdoors or by staying inside when it’s windy. There is no vaccine for valley fever. And no treatments completely eliminate the fungus from the body. But early diagnosis and treatment usually lead to better outcomes.


Publication Date: September 8, 2017