OCEA in the Register

OCEA General Manager Jennifer Muir Beuthin writes a bi-weekly column in the Orange County Register about issues impacting working people.

Remember those in need at holidays

December 18, 2015

The holiday season brings out the best in our community – a time when so many people look for ways to not only give to their loved ones, but also to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

When public servants became victims, heroes

December 11, 2015

Last week’s tragedy in San Bernardino has hit close to home in ways most of us could not have comprehended in the days and hours preceding the terrible, unjustifiable events that unfolded in a matter of minutes on Dec. 2.

Don't sell off O.C. public schools to private interests

December 4, 2015

For generations, California’s public school system has served as a great equalizer in our society, educating the children of our state and preparing them for college or a trade. Once the battle to desegregate our schools in Orange County was won in 1948 by the Mendez v. Westminster decision, California’s public schools went on to become the envy of the nation. The idea that education was a primary duty of government under the supervision of locally elected school boards was firmly established.

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