OCEA members fight for caseload management changes

Dear OCEA member,

The strong advocacy of your OCEA workplace leaders standing together with you have resulted in some positive changes to policies related to case distribution, case closure and an opportunity for video conferencing to ease transportation delays. OCEA workplace leaders have gathered your concerns and then pushed management to make the following changes that will be implemented in the coming weeks:

Caseload distribution
Many of you brought up concerns that cases were not being distributed equitably. Managers have agreed to use a centralized board to help track distribution more consistently. Management also agreed to work on a “no back-fill” policy, so that when you are not at work, you are not assigned new cases.

Caseload disposition
One of the most common concerns expressed by your coworkers relates to management delays in the transfer of cases to XXOB. Some of you expressed that cases were being held up to 30 days, affecting your end of the month totals. Management confirmed that in the next few weeks, you will be able to close your own cases. Also, only open cases will be counted on your monthly total.

Video conferencing coming
In an effort to be more efficient and more convenient for staff, there will be a video conference available instead of having to commute to the monthly team meetings.

Please note that these new processes are still a work in progress and we will be working closely with management to address any concerns that come up along the way. Please be sure to share any feedback with your workplace leaders so that we can address them during our FSS Caseload Management Forum.

Last week you received an email regarding our letter to SSA Director Mike Ryan regarding waste and abuse in the Maximus contract with the county. We will keep you posted as events develop.

These improvements would not have happened without standing together with your fellow OCEA members and workplace leaders to voice your concerns and fight for change. If you are interested in participating in the forum to help make improvements to your workplace please let me know. I can be reached at (714) 835-3355 or saregaye@oceamember.org.

In solidarity,

Saliem Aregaye
OCEA Labor Relations Representative

Publication Date: October 4, 2017