Members only: Tell us what you think

One of the benefits of being an OCEA member is exclusive access to seminars and events where we provide information to help you and your family at work and at home. And when we asked you if you wanted our “Members Only” events brought closer to your workplace, you gave us a resounding “Yes!” Since then, we have presented seminars such as "Tackling Financial Stress" at the Manchester Office Building and "Wills and Trusts" at the Social Services Agency Regional Center.

Now we want to hear from you about what kinds of seminars you would like to see presented at OCEA or at your work site. Please email your ideas to Joanna Nachurski at and tell us what you think. This is your opportunity to help us present the seminars you and your coworkers want to hear.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to make your voice heard. We will continue scheduling "Members Only" events in work locations throughout the County. If you would like us to bring an event to your workplace, let Joanna know. See you soon at an upcoming "Members Only" event.

Publication Date: January 25, 2017