Hot Dog Wagon Update

Dear OCEA member,

A new and improved hot dog wagon is here!!! We recently took delivery of the new wagon which means we will be back grilling up hot dogs for OCEA members in the coming weeks. As you know, OCEA’s beloved wagon was stolen this past April from the secured, gated parking area under the OCEA building. This replacement grill—a Horizon BBQ—has the same double-grill design as the previous wagon but with 25% more capacity. That means 25% more opportunity for member conversations, 25% more capacity at community events, and 25% more fun with every hot dog served. The new rig is painted orange to match the color of OCEA’s new logo.

There’s more work to be done before the wagon can roll, including a retrofit for our unique needs and installing anti-theft equipment so, for now, the wagon is being kept at a secure location off-site.

Look for the revised summer Hot Dog Wagon schedule on OCEA’s new online calendar. We will be adding dates soon.

The Hot Dog Wagon is back!

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Beuthin
OCEA General Manager

Publication Date: June 23, 2017