CSF Forum Update

Dear SSA member,

*This message is for social workers in CFS

OCEA Labor Representatives Kate Wolf, Bo Gutierrez, and I attended the Wednesday, June 22, 2017, Caseload Management Forum along with OCEA Social Worker members and management representatives. Items for discussion included ER Social Worker Case Cap, Vertical Assignment updates, and caseload/workload updates for last month.

ER Social Worker Case Cap
One of the challenges discussed during the Forum included the lack of a case/referral cap in the ER program. The brief discussion focused on how cases are “weighted” which can result in one referral including multiple children. This is handled differently in some other counties. It was agreed more research is needed to have a fruitful discussion. We need ER workers who can help us prepare for our next meeting. If you are in the ER program and can provide insight on this issue, please contact one of the SSA Labor Reps listed below.

Vertical Assignment Desk Update
The Vertical Assignment Desk program was introduced in May with the intent of streamlining intake as cases are routed to the appropriate unit. The Desk is an effort to improve customer service and make sure a client seeking help does not have to repeat his or her story multiple times. To date, there have been no complaints about how the Desk is working. Management is encouraging those working the Desk to consult with their supervisor should issues arise or if any direction is needed.

Caseload/Workload Update
Social Workers are seeing a seasonal increase in cases/referrals. In our review of the stats for May, the discussion focused on how caseload averages were determined. There was discussion about the current method of determining averages based on the total number of cases and available Social Workers. If a Social Worker received just one case, they were added to the Social Worker total. The concern is that the methodology does not depict the actual caseload of Social Workers. At the meeting, OCEA requested data that would provide the actual caseload. The Forum participants will be working collaboratively to resolve caseload average methodology.

The CFS Caseload Management Forum is held the third Wednesday of every month and it’s essential that Social Workers attend. The next meeting is July 19, 2017 at 9:00am. Standing together, we can make progress on the issues impacting Social Workers. If you are able to attend next month’s meeting, please contact either myself, Bo Gutierrez, or Kate Wolf at (714) 835-3355 or email us at bwashington@oceamember.org, bgutierrez@oceamember.org, or kwolf@oceamember.org. You can also contact Stewards Kelly Rice, Ron Toole, or Alfonso Alvarez.

In Solidarity,

Bridgette Washington
Sr. Labor Relations Representative

Publication Date: June 27, 2017