Court Clerk III Work Group completes it's mission

Dear Court Clerks,

As you may remember, a working group comprised of OCEA members and Court management was created to improve the Court Clerk III promotional procedure. The working group was established as a direct result of OCEA member advocacy and taken up by the Court Bargaining Team during the 2015 Negotiations. The problems identified by the feedback provided by you and your coworkers were serious—outdated classification requirements, qualifying classes no longer offered and the arbitrary five-year wait for promotion eligibility.

We can report that the working group has completed its charge. There are two primary areas that have been improved: updating the selection of qualifying classes for a CCIII promotion and reducing the amount of time needed to be eligible to promote from 5 years in the CCII classification to 3 years in the classification with course requirements. Rest assured that all previous points attained in the current promotional procedure will be converted to have equal weight in the updated requirements for promotion.

The final product will be presented through road shows conducted by Court management in the coming weeks. Although it remains management prerogative to set promotion procedure policy, the new improvements in the Court Clerk promotional procedure wouldn’t have gotten this far without you and your coworkers standing together and pushing for change. Your questions and feedback will be important in assuring the success of its implementation.

A fair opportunity in advancement at the Court is something worth fighting for and serves as a reminder of what can be accomplished through collective bargaining. When we stand together, we have a stronger voice.

Please contact Denise or Bridgette at (714) 835-3355 or at if you have any questions or comments. As you know, Court negotiations are now underway and we have every confidence in our Team. We are ready!

In Solidarity,

Lezlee Neebe, Shirley Chavez, Rick Burns, Bridgette Washington, and Denise Velasco
OCEA Court Clerk Working Group Members

Publication Date: August 9, 2017