Hot Dog Schedule

OCEA’s famous hot dog wagon and its crew, Carlos Rosales and Jerry Martel, deliver union-made hot dogs to OCEA members throughout Orange County during lunchtime hours. The hot dog wagon also provides hot meals for volunteers and participants in community events across Orange County, such as an annual Labor Day picnic at the Santa Ana Zoo, the County's largest Veterans Day event at the OC Fairgrounds, and on the steps of California's Capitol for a unique innauguration party open to all the people of California. Find out when the hot dog wagon is coming to job site or community event near you.

Schedule is subject to change.

May 3, 2017

Great news!

A new Hot Dog Wagon has been ordered and will be coming to a location near you soon!

Check back here for an updated schedule once it arrives.

April 3, 2017

Dear OCEA member,

I am writing this morning with disappointing news. Over the weekend, the secured parking area under the OCEA building was vandalized and breached, and the OCEA van, hot dog wagon and freezer containing 2,000 frozen OCEA hot dogs were stolen.

This morning, OCEA staff discovered the theft and immediately reported the incident to Santa Ana Police and our insurance providers. We also notified Probation Department workers who were expecting a visit from the wagon today. As a result of this theft, scheduled hot dog lunches will be cancelled until further notice.

The OCEA hot dog wagon is not just a barbecue. It provides an opportunity for all OCEA members to share a lunch together in unity, to ask questions of union representatives and stewards, and to learn about what's happening on the job. The wagon also provides food to support community causes that are important to OCEA members, such as feeding homeless veterans at local Stand Down events. So it's theft is offensive to all of us.

This week, we will take the necessary steps to secure the OCEA building, replace our stolen property, work with authorities, and get a hot dog wagon back up and running. For those of you who were counting on a visit from the hot dog wagon soon, we regret we won’t be there. And if you see a bright red grill or van in the area, please report it to authorities.

In solidarity,

Jennifer Muir Beuthin
OCEA General Manager